Updating Android for Moto E (2nd gen)


I see in these other Q&A posts

“If you have 5.1 you are still using a legacy phone [Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, or G3] and these phones will not see another update.”
“The short answer is no. The decision rests with Motorola not Republic as the manufacturer decides.”

However, when I google for a Android 6.0 update for Moto E2, I find this page at Motorola that makes it seem like it is supported

Can anyone help me understand what I am missing?
Something seems wrong with the logic

  1. there is no update coming
  2. Motorola controls if there is an update available
  3. yet Motorola appears to have an update enabled

Thank you


The Moto E2 for R.W has a custom ROM on it made by R.W.
The phone was discontinued some time ago.
Also, that link is for the International version of the phone. (India) Which is not the R.W. version.
If you change the country to USA on the top right of the page, the article page is not available.
The E2 was never updated to 6.0 in the USA.


The Moto E (2nd Gen) was using a hybrid operating system the only worked with RW. There is no later version of that operating system.


Thanks. Your answers resolve the apparent inconsistency.


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