Updating Credit/Debit Card for Payments Problem Solved!


Recently I had to update my debit card info because my bill was due. After spending over two long hours during the morning and then later in the evening to no success, and doing everything I could possibly do after researching here and on the internet, I finally stumbled upon the problem! Either I originally added the extra four digits to the zip code (which I’m sure it wasn’t me) or RW automatically added it on the credit/debit card billing address. Either way, to successfully update all info for the debit card (which was one of the numerous instructions to solve the problem) the extra four digits on the zip code have to be left off when re-entering the address. Why RW is automatically putting it on there is bad enough, but the fact that no one I’ve spoken to so far from RW even knew about this problem is mind-blowing!! I was told you have to clear out all history on Chrome and Firefox, etc., etc. How about just fix THAT problem so it isn’t a problem and don’t be automatically adding anything like the extra four digits of the zip code??


Hi @fivestarmovingl.wnpj,

I’m confused about what you’re writing, for two reasons.

  • I just updated my own credit card info last night, but I didn’t have to change the billing address, and it just worked.
  • If they are being automatically added, how would you be able to accomplish removing them?

To your point, if having them there breaks things, then our system should be automatically stripping them, instead of putting you through such an experience. Thank you for your diligence in figuring out what the issue was, and for bringing it our attention, here. I’ll follow up with the appropriate teams to see if we can make this easier for our members.

I’ll review your ticket history to see if I can better understand what you were seeing and what our support agents could have done to better assist you.


just checked my account info and the zip+4 is there.
and I have changed the card info without making any changes to the address.
and never had a problem…

must be something new in the RW system
wasn’t there something about length of numbers on some field…
ah yes

address field…


Hi @fivestarmovingl.wnpj,

I just tried updating my payment info again, and I tried it both with 5 and 9 digits in the Zip code, and both saved with no problem.

Could you please let me know more about what you experienced? I’d definitely like to understand what you went through, so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.


I tried to update my debit card info to pay my bill that was overdue. Nothing I would do for over two hours of working on it would make it update and let payment go through. One of the instructions I read was to re-enter ALL info in the credit/debit card section including the debit card billing address. I did that numerous times. Then I realized that I didn’t remember putting on the extra four digits of the zip code originally. When I re-entered all the info for the umpteenth time but minus those four extra zip code digits, update went through and payment processed immediately. I don’t remember originally adding those four extra zip code digits, so it had to be RW doing it and I have never had a problem before updating (just) my debit card info.


I’m really sorry to read you spent over two hours on this, and I certainly apologize for that and the fact that our agents aren’t aware of any issues with updating billing methods at this time. That is why they couldn’t give you an answer that would solve it more quickly.

I did try it, just now, and tried entering the Zip code both ways - 5, and 9 digits, and it saved both ways.

Do you recall if you were seeing any specific error?

There is an issue, as @TheDoctor pointed out with using more than 30 characters in the first line of the address - is it possible you also changed how the address was entered?

I’m going to also reply in your ticket, just to follow up there, since I see it is pending a reply. I do hope if anyone else experiences trouble saving their payment information, they’ll chime in here so we can figure out what exactly needs to be fixed.


there is a different branch in the software, one where you go to the account and input the card info.
another where there was a declined/overdue bill.
software need to modify branch for declined/overdue to strip off -xxxx or ignore it…


There were no error messages. It just cycled endlessly and wouldn’t go through. I used two different RW phones on carrier network and wireless network. Only after leaving off the four extra zip code numbers did it finally work.


Ok, thank you. I’ll let mine go overdue so I can see this in action.


Thank you. This is all very helpful, and I’ll make sure the right team is aware. I’m also following up in your ticket.


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