Updating from MotoG(1st)...what should I get

My MotoG from 5 years ago is starting to have some issues, so it is probably time to update. I’m looking at either the Moto G6 or the G6play. So I’d love recommendations on which is better… I use it for social media and texting/calls/messaging, and photos. If I’m better off getting a compatible phone from elsewhere, I would be open to that as well.

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There’s a great breakdown of those two phones here: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/lenovo-moto-g6-vs-g6-play/

It is likely also worth considering the Moto X4 from Motorola, given the current ($149) prices.

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The decision on what to buy is kind of like “beauty in the eye of the beholder” :smile: We just upgraded our MotoG1’s to the Motorola G6 – 4GB/64GB and love them.

The current $199 price on Amazon is attractive. If you purchase from Amazon you will need to buy a Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit from either Amazon or Republic. We were lucky that the change from CDMA to GSM improved our coverage.

Used SMS Backup & Restore to quickly transfer the phone’s text messages and call logs. The apps built-in Wi-Fi Direct over our local network was fast and accurate. Just thought we’d throw our 2 cents in. Good luck on your research!

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Thank you! Would you mind posting a link the G6 on Amazon? I’m looking for it, but still trying to decipher all the acronyms.

We purchased the Standard Version 64GB Storage + 4 GB RAM. Stayed away from the Prime Exclusive version because we did not want any extra Amazon apps installed. This phone is the XT1925-6 supported by Republic.

And I believe this is the Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit

Not sure because we purchased SIMs from Republic. Amazon was out of stock the day we ordered our phones. Would have preferred Amazon because of free shipping since we’re Prime members.

Hope this helps! Encourage you to do your reading and research too!

FYI - one of the things we miss the most from the G1 is the notification led. Something removed from the Moto series some time ago. We also purchased flip cases and screen protectors to complete the package. So far, so good!

Hi @ErinL1,

Please know the standalone SIM Republic sells whether purchased from Amazon or Republic itself comes with different coverage attached from that which you have on your Moto G1. Different doesn’t mean worse. For most, the alternate coverage is equivalent. For some, (like me and @freddyp) it’s better. For a few, however, it’s not as good.

If you’re comfortable doing so, please share a zip code with us. With that, we’re able to provide further insight regarding any potential coverage caveats in your area.

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