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How do I update my RepublicWireless phone? I currently have a Moto G4. I would like to replace it with the Samsung J3. I do not see how to purchase it with this option.

Ideally I can purchase it right away without opening a new phone number. Then when it arrives I just move over the SIM card. If I need to do it some other way, please let me know.

Thanks so much.

see answer here by @amitl

Although, the generic instructions that my friend @drm186 linked above will work just fine,

In your case, you already have a Moto G4 phone which is already on the 3.0 plan.

Do you happen to know if your phone has a GSM SIM card?

If so, you can simply remove the SIM card and move it to your new Samsung J3.

If you buy the Samsung J3 it will come with a new SIM card (not installed) which you can store away for future use.

If, however, your Moto G4 currently has the CDMA SIM card then you will need to use

the generic activation instructions linked above and “move your existing number” to your new J3

during the activation process.

Hi @ronaldm.gl2dsv,

I’m curious what features of the J3 lead you to consider it an “upgrade” to the G4?

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