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I have a Motorola G4 that’s getting a little long in the tooth. I currently have the 1 gig data plan. I want to upgrade to a new phone, keep my 1 gig data plan, but pass on the old Moto G4 to my daughter and purchase the $15 plan for her on that phone. How do I make that happen?

Hi @matta.lwxnfy

There are some questions that will help us get you the correct instructions.

If you purchase your new phone from the Republic store, it will come with the needed SIM already installed. If you prefer to get your new phone from a different source, we will need to discover which kind of SIM is in the G4 to determine if it can be moved or not.

Do you intend to purchase the new phone from the Republic store or from another source?

To determine which kind of SIM you have, open the Republic Wireless app on the old phone.
Touch the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the app screen
Select “About”.
What do you see listed for SIM type, GSM or CDMA?


I plan to do everything through republic. My current phone (the one I want to hand off to my daughter) is a republic phone with a republic SIM card.

Hi @matta.lwxnfy,

When you receive your new phone from Republic, you’ll activate it with these instructions:

Once you’ve completed that process, the phone you want to give your daughter will be de-activated. You’ll probably want to factory reset it to remove all your personal content from it. Be sure you’ve backed up that personal content somewher else, first.

Then you’ll re-activate that phone in the Republic app using these instructions:

Ok, but what do I purchase for my daughter on this old phone? Just the sim card with the plan I want?

Hi @matta.lwxnfy,

You don’t need to purchase a SIM card, unless I’ve misunderstood.

It sounded like you’d be ordering a new phone from Republic. That phone will come with a SIM card installed. Activate it with the first set of instructions I provided.

When it is activated and with those instructions, it takes on your phone number. The old phone is de-activated and will no longer have a phone number or service.

You’ll re-activate the old phone with the second set of instructions I sent. It will still have a SIM card inside of it. There’s no reason to take it out. When you follow the second set of instructions, you’ll select your plan preference for your daughter and the phone will get a new phone number. You’ll pay in the app for the first month of service for that phone when you activate it.


Thanks for the info.


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