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im still on the unlimited data OG plan from years ago. my question is, has anything changed about being able to get a newer phone and keep the unlimited data plan?

Nope. See supported phones. That shows what phones are compatible with each plan.

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yeah thats what i was afraid of. thought maybe something had changed since last time i checked but its a no go. thank you

It already has been stated by R.W that nothing on the old Beta,1.0,2.0 plans will ever change. They are still supported for existing compatible devices, but are otherwise locked into legacy discontinued status with no possibility of ever supporting new devices.

You may admit @rebel_cowboy, 9/11/13 has been a good run, :relaxed:

An upgrade does cost more, but there are some nice enhancements as well, JMHO.

Hi @rebel_cowboy
How much Data are you eating at the unlimited Data buffet? The new My Choice plans are pretty reasonable in the 2-3GB range at $5 a GB

me personally dont use that much but if im in my car i been streaming music and its kind of hard to do that if i know its costing me money as my commute to work is about an hour. but my main thing is my kids, they dont quite understand the whole wifi or data thing yet and if im not paying attention then they tend to start watching movies on youtube. they tend to be using data mote than anything

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