Upgrade data now vs upgrade data on billing cycle date


Hi @southpaw,

Thanks for clarifying that for those who may not have known.

Why does RW still have this antiquated system that make upgrades immediate? 3.0 plans required an upgrade to be immediate just to add data. With the introduction of the 4.0 plans it can actually impede a member’s upgrade by having to wait to upgrade or essentially purchase unneeded data. You have lost at least on early adopter of the annual pay because of this.


How do I change monthly plan?

Hi @PlaneTherapist,

I’m not following what you’re referencing as 3.0 and 4.0 plans, nor how anything is impeded. I believe the concept around having the plan change be immediate is that if the person is upgrading, it’s because they want more data - including now.

I think there are pros and cons to both methods, and it’s not likely a feature request to ask whether you want it now or later would gain much traction.

Ok. We want members to make their decisions carefully and make the best decision for their situation.


Hi @southpaw,

RW wouldn’t need to complicate matters and ask a question, could simplify and make all plan changes effective at the beginning of the next billing cycle. We have the option to purchase more “now” data in 1GB or more increments. Remember 4.0 introduced that option to purchase additional “now” data without needing to upgrade the plan as 3.0 plans did? The 3.0 plan wasn’t very user friendly the 4.0 plan rocks.



In my mind this makes this MORE complicated. I want data now, I also want it every month going forward. In your model I need to add a one-time data purchase now and then go back and also change my plan. In the current model either version is a one-step process: 1) Want data only now – Purchase data only now 2) Want data now and ongoing – Purchase data now and ongoing

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  • Plan upgrades take effect within a couple of minutes and you will be charged the difference between your current plan and your new plan
  • Plan downgrades will take effect on your next bill cycle date and you will only be charged for the plan you select
  • Pending plan downgrades can be canceled, but pending plan upgrades cannot be canceled
  • Pending plan downgrade requests may be canceled up until 11:59 PM EST the day before your bill cycle date

The current process caveat is outdated and no longer needed.

Why have two different effective times and cancellation policies?



I believe I answered your question above, so that plan upgrades with a desire for data can be accomplished with one-step, rather than requiring two.

There’s also of course the business rational of a business wanting to make upgrades as simple as possible and allowing time for a customer to reconsider a downgrade. Finally downgrades being instant would be an issue as the data has already been paid for.

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I have 2 phones both with 1 GB each …So if my current plan (3.0) renews on the 25th and if I upgrade today, will I be prorated? or do I lose 2 weeks because the 4.0 plan starts when we upgrade. Should I wait until the 24th to upgrade? & If one of the phone users wants 2GB data, I need to change to that plan before I upgrade to the 4.0? I want the 4.0 plan, I just want to know when & how I should do it… Thanks


Hi @lweetz,

To be clear, there is no 4.0 plan. Let’s make sure we don’t create additional confusion with a name for something that doesn’t exist.

You have 2 phones, each with My Choice Talk, Text and 1GB of data.

If you pay annually, today or any day before your May 25 billing cycle, your 12 months of prepaid service will start on May 25. It makes no difference whether you pay today or May 24, it will begin on May 25.

If you want until May 25, after your next month has been charged, then your 12 months of prepaid service would start on June 25.

One of the phone users wants 2 GB of data. Do you feel confident that user will need more than 1 GB every month? If he or she will only need it once in a while, then just add 1 GB when needed. If the user regularly uses more than 1 GB and you want to pay for Talk, Text and 2GB of data, then yes, you would need to upgrade before buying the annual option. I’d suggest you upgrade the plan to Talk Text and 2 GB on May 25, so you have the whole billing cycle to enjoy that 2GB, then make the annual payment to start on June 25.

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Ok, That explains what I needed to know… except, The new annual plan is not called the 4.0 upgrade? I have seen that mentioned several times & just assumed that is what the annual plan was.


Hi @lweetz,

Can you show me where you’ve seen it mentioned, I want to be sure we aren’t creating confusion in our documentation.

This offer is just an annual payment of the same My Choice plan. No upgrade, no new plan. You’re just getting a year’s worth all at once.


Did RW drop the My Choice plan 4.0 designation? It’s referenced in both attached Help articles and many others. Thanks.



I see. My apologies @lweetz, apparently the existing My Choice plan is designated 4.0.

The annual payment option is not meant to be seen as an upgrade or new plan, though.


Your confusion may have arisen from the fact that when they were originally introduced they were called
Clear Choice(3.0) plan (This is the same reason why all the new phones are called 3.0 phones)
same plan transitioned into the My Choice (4.0) plan.
That’s the only plan option currently available.
The Annual Pay is a feature of the My Choice (4.0) plan


I think it’s more my confusion than @lweetz’s!

(It doesn’t help there are a variety of names for plans and phones and project and whatnot internally, and I’m easily confused.)


leads me to believe @lweetz thinks they are on the 3.0 plan which might be the primary cause of the confusion.


I had to look back & in many post, the Refund Data is referred to the 2.0 plan, My Choice is referred to 3.0 plan & now the Annual My Choice as 4.0 plan?.. I didn’t make it up, I hope… lol

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This if you saw somewhere is inaccurate. My Choice has always been tagged as 4.0 from the start.
It’s precursor Clear Choice Plan was called 3.0 when it debuted back in 2016 which is the same reason why the phones are still called 3.0 phones.


The words Clear Choice have been scrubbed mostly from the help documentation…but this help note chronicles the transition from 3.0 Clear Choice to My Choice plans on 12/12/2017


ok, I just want to know what to call the plan I’m on in case I need help or have a question.

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