Upgrade from Moto G4 plus (CMDA SIM) to G7

Can I currently upgrade from my Moto G4 Plus which refuses to turn on and stay on (constantly reboots or shuts off randomly) to a G7 Play or G7 Power and use the same SIM card (CDMA)? I am in zip code 28117.

TL:DR the answer is no you can’t

currently Republic doesn’t support CDMA on the Moto G7 line (though they are working on get this but there no firm timeline))
Change Phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM feature and an active CDMA SIM can not be used in another phone
the CDMA SIM in your Moto G4 is a cSIM and can only be used in other phones of that generation (CDMA phones released in 2016). even when Republic get CDMA working on the G7 line it will be using a SIMOTA2 SIM

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How do I know if a G7 Power will work everywhere I go since only GSM and not CDMA? Just trying to figure out the best phone to upgrade to.

best is to check the partner site maps for GSM it’s T-Mobile

for CDMA (your current coverage) check Sprint

So for the most part. 99% of the places I know I visit have GSM coverage. What phones are comparable to the G4 Plus that I love?

The natural successor is the G7.

If you need the flexibility to move to CDMA coverage rightaway…then go with the G6…otherwise G7 is the better phone.

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