Upgrade from Moto X2 Refund plan to Pixel 4 XL

Hi folks. I’ve been a customer since June 2015. I have a Motorola X 2nd gen and am on the Refund plan, probably the original one. I’ve got a Pixel 4XL on order and am just confused about the upgrade process. I did search for existing discussions – saw another thread that I thought about jumping into but it didn’t seem quite right. And the stuff on the website about ordering a SIM or perhaps putting in a ticket to upgrade my SIM didn’t leave me feeling like I knew what to do. So after that long-winded intro:

What do I do? :wink: Do I order a SIM? Now, or after the phone arrives? I assume I will have to upgrade to the Choice plan, which is OK if do… Or do I? And if so, does that automatically happen when I switch phones, or is that another complicating step? I imagine the SIM in my current phone is not appropriate for the new one, is it?

The new phone model is GA00677-US if that makes a difference.


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Hi @markm.mxbuyi!

First off, welcome to the community and thanks for being a loyal member!

I, personally, would order the SIM now since I hate waiting :wink: . There’s nothing wrong with ordering the SIM after the phone gets there. You’ll just have to wait to activate the phone until the SIM comes. You can order it from Republic or Amazon. See this article on how to order a SIM card (it also has a link to Amazon): How to Order a SIM Card from Republic Wireless – Republic Help .

That would be correct. You can’t transfer SIM cards from legacy devices (Moto X1 and X2, Moto G1 and G3, and Moto E1 and E2) into any other devices.

That would also be correct!

That will automatically happen after you complete activation (which includes selecting your new My Choice Plan).

Just as a side note, you will now have coverage with Republic’s GSM partner (T-Mobile instead of Sprint).

I hope that helps! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


I’ll throw this out there to add to @mb2x’s great advice :slight_smile:

How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help


Hi @markm.mxbuyi,

As mentioned by @mb2x, your coverage with Republic’s BYOP SIM would be different from the coverage on your moto X2. Different does not mean worse and might mean better. If you’d like further insight and are comfortable sharing, please let us know your zip code. With that, we’ll advise which of Republic’s cellular network partners would work best in your area.


Thanks everyone. I’ve ordered a SIM card. I’m in NH at 03052 . Looking forward to seeing how smoothly things go.

Have a good weekend. Oh wait, it’s Monday.

-mm- (or, apparently, markm.mxbuyi)

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Hi @markm.mxbuyi!

GSM coverage looks great. You’re good to go.

Having lived in Nashua for 10 years prior to moving to South Florida, I’m not as bullish on GSM coverage in and around Litchfield. I see generally good overall GSM coverage but with patches of fair signal strength coverage. If you happen to frequent those areas, you might find coverage degraded from that which you currently enjoy on your X2.

I mention this not to discourage you. It’s entirely possible GSM coverage will turn out to be perfectly adequate. If not, here’s a plan B:


Thanks. I’m used to coverage being spotty here the wilds of NH and frankly use mostly wifi mode anyway, at least for data. And I’ll find out this way what an alternative is. Weren’t there ramblings/rumblings once about being able to switch between two carriers on the fly? I guess that didn’t come to pass. Anyway, looking forward to seeing how it goes, and the CDMA SIM card option looks like a good fallback. I don’t suppose one could simply swap SIM cards as desired, eh?

It’s possible but once one is removed and replaced, the just removed SIM will expire within 20 days if not reactivated. In other words you’d need to regularly swap SIMs on a 19 day or under frequency.


To follow up-- got the phone, got the SIM, did the activation, no problem. I haven’t tested coverage
much, but the basic setup went smoothly.

The phone supports dual SIM mode using eSIM for one of them. Looks like this isn’t supported
by Republic for switching carriers, or is it?

Correct on not being supporting by RW for dual SIM use or Google Fi like carrier switching.


Republic does not support eSIm. In fact, no U.S. MVNO other than Google Fi does. Additionally, Republic service and Google Fi won’t work when active on the same phone simultaneously.

The above said, Google’s Pixel 4 XL supports Dual SIm Dual Standby (DSDS). It is possible to have Republic service provisioned with either of its network partners (not both simultaneously) via a Republic physical SIM and another cellular service (not Fi) that supports eSIM. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and, perhaps, Sprint all support the Pixel 4 XL’s eSIM. I’m currently using AT&T Prepaid on my Pixel 4 XL’s eSIM and Republic service via a physical SIM with both active simultaneously. For me, it’s largely an experiment but it does work.

Thanks and that’s interesting. You’re able to switch provider/carriers via phone settings?


Interesting. Depending on the terms, that could be a way to make the occasional international call,
which has become something I am interested in lately.

mm (probably not a solution for RCS though…)

If you have a GSM activated phone with Republic, RCS works fine (though it isn’t supported).

Both a physical Republic SIM (either GSM or CDMA) and a service other than Google Fi using the eSIM may be simultaneously active. One designates one service or the other as the one to use for data in Settings. That may be changed as desired. Calls and text messages made to the number associated with either service reach the phone. Likewise, when making a call or sending a text message, one may choose which service (number) on wishes to use on the fly.

RCS does not work when using a Pixel’s Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) capability. In addition to the Pixel 4 XL, the Pixel 3a, 3a XL and 4 also support DSDS.

One could use another cellular provider via the eSIM for international calling but generally there are more cost effective ways. Some are mentioned here: Calling International Numbers with a Republic Phone. Now, if text messaging to international numbers is desired, using a second cellular service vis eSIM is worth consideration.

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Re old phone: I’ll see if I can figure out how to send you a message :wink:

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