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I am upgrading from Motorola e4. Any suggestions on a good upgrade that has 32gb -64gb. Not looking for the most expensive ones.

Thank you

Hi @peterf.hew5o5,

The 2020 Moto E would be the natural successor to your Moto E4. The 2020 Moto E is a 7th generation model though for reasons inexplicable to me, Motorola refers to it as just Moto E. If looking for a step up, you might consider one of the Moto G series phones.

Otherwise, besides storage, what is important to you in a phone?

Battery life, storage as mentioned. phone quality. IS the moto e better than g series. I have a moto g but am looking for my daughter who uses the phone for school, work, etc., Are samsungs better/worse than motorola?

Hi @peterf.hew5o5,

Moto Es are Motorola’s entry level phones. The Moto G series are mid-range phones and a step up from the Moto E.

In my opinion, Samsung’s have better displays than Motorola phones but otherwise, I wouldn’t say one brand is better than the other. If you want max battery life, the Moto G Power can’t be beat. The user interface on Samsung phones differs from Motorola phones. Someone used to Motorola phones might find that to take time to get accustomed to.

thank you, any preference for motorola g series 7, 8 plus or play . Battery life about the same on them?

Hi @peterf.hew5o5,

First, please do not buy any phone explicitly labeled as a Moto G8. Like the 2020 Moto E, in the U.S, Motorola is referring to the 8th generation Moto G series as simply the Moto G Fast, Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus. Any phone you see being sold as a Moto G8 is an international variant and not Republic compatible.

Likewise, the Plus models for both the Moto G7 series and Moto Moto G8 series are international variants and not Republic compatible.

Again, if you want max battery life, go for the Power variants. The G7 series are last year’s models. The 2020 G series are this year’s models.

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