Upgrade Moto E 1st gen to Galaxy J7

I have a Moto E 1st generation phone that I want to upgrade to Galaxy J7 (I bought from Republic Wireless). How to do this?
I can’t find the sim card in the Moto E. When I find it, can I just put it into the new Galaxy J7?

The Moto E 1st Gen has no SIM card as it a 3G CDMA only phone on the CDMA partner [Sprint], [note SIMs are for GSM and LTE networks] there will be a GSM sim card included when you ordered from Republic [the Samsung Galaxy J7 is a GSM only phone which will be on Republic’s GSM partner [T-Mobile],
The GSM sim may already be installed and you will move your account (line) over by going though the activation in the Republic app

Hi Rick, welcome to the community. First, the Moto E1 has no SIM card. Second, the J7 you get from Republic will already have the SIM you need in it.

Then, are you aware you’ll be switching plans on activation of the new phone? You’ll be required to move to the My Choice plans. (https://republicwireless.com/plans)

Also, just as an FYI, your coverage will be changing. Your Moto E1 used Sprint’s cell towers for service, the new phone instead uses T-Mobile.

Thanks. No, I didn’t know I would have to change my plan. I’m hoping T-Mobile’s coverage is as good as Sprint has been.
Again, thanks.

Thanks, drm186.
This is all new. I’m hoping the coverage with T-Mobile is as good as Sprint has been.

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