Upgrade my phone to a Moto X4


I currently have 2 phones I’m thinking of replacing. One is a Moto G4 play CDMA, which I want to replace with an Amazon Moto X4 32gb, the second is Moto G4 cdma, which I want to replace with an Android one Moto X4 64gb. We need to stay with CDMA for our service.

I am asking so make sure these will work with republic, they will work with republic’s CDMA, and what process I will need to take to get them working.


the Moto X android one and on amazon are the compatible with Republic

all BYOD need to be activated on GSM 1st with the BYOD SIM (https://republicwireless.com/shop/bring-your-own-phone/)
once activated you need to request a CDMA SIM by opening a ticket

if you don’t mind waiting on one of the phones the same GSM BYOD SIM card can be used
activate 1st phone on GSM and request the CDMA SIM
when CDMA SIM arrives activated it (deactivating the GSM SIM) then reactivate the GSM SIM on the 2nd Phone, request the CDMA card for it.
SIM cards can be reactive after deactivation for 20 days.


Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.


Your welcome

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