Upgrade phone after prepay

I prepaid my son’s phone for a full year and now he wants an upgrade. am I able to do this?

Yes, you can upgrade the phone on your one-year prepay. Just be sure to activate the new phone as a replacement for the old.

…and make sure whatever new phone you’re looking at buying is compatible with Republic Wireless.

Just a note, due to upcoming changes, this must be done no later than on or before November 30, 2021.

If this is intended as a holiday season gift, please let us know.


Well, maybe…right? If the OP is just able to remove a GSM SIM card from the old phone, and install it in the new there should be no worries, right?

You are correct about that, however, moving a currently active GSM SIM won’t necessarily present the activate as a replacement flow.

@michelleb.fzcsv6 if you have more questions, please let us know.

so I have to activate the new phone before the end of this month? I was hoping to give it as a Christmas present :frowning:

All Republic SIM cards that are currently available must be activated before the end of November. If you are moving a GSM SIM card from one currently supported phone to another (http://bit.ly/RWAPhones) then you don’t have to worry about the November date because you can move the SIM even after the end of November. If you were trying to activate a new SIM, then the end of November would be the deadline.

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