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my son is on the older 2.0 plan with gen one moto G. I want to order him the new G4 that requires the 3.0 plan. Do I just order the phone off republic the site and it will come with the new sim card ? Also once i receive and I have sim included do i just on activation select existing phone number he has on my plan it will move over to new plan ?



Hi @dand.mp50wf,

You pretty much have the sequence of events nailed down. If you order the G4 from Republic, the SIM is included. If you wish to get the G4 from a third party retailer that’s okay too (so long as it’s model XT1625) but then you’d need to order the required Republic 3.0 SIM separately.

Once you receive the phone you’ll start the activation process. You will be prompted to sign into the appropriate Republic account. To upgrade your son’s existing line to his new phone, select “replace existing line”. You should see the phone number you want to replace listed at this step. Continue through the activation process, then you’re all set! Republic offers a great walkthrough here: https://republicwireless.com/activate. Detailed activation guidance here: https://community.republicwireless.com/docs/DOC-2430.



Hi, yes to both questions. Phones ordered from RW come with the SIM installed. SIMs are available from RW and Amazon if you were to purchase phone from another vendor. You sound like you’ve read about the 3.0 plans and have a good understanding of the differences. Please be sure to check the GSM coverage if not done so already.

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless


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