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I currently have a Moto X Pure, using a CDMA Sim card. At the time, the GSM partner had no coverage in my area (Zip code 52402, Cedar Rapids, IA). Looking at coverage maps, it looks like that may have changed? Looking for some confirmation on that…would like to upgrade to the Pixel 3a, but currently without CDMA support on Republic, I want to make sure I’ll be covered with the GSM provider.

So the question is, does the GSM provider now cover eastern Iowa?

Republic’s GSM partner merged with Iowa Wireless which improved the coverage in the area the coverage
you can check with the partners NVMO page and verify the coverage https://maps.t-mobile.com/pcc.html?map=mvno-roamd-34l


Wow that looks promising; basically the whole area around Cedar Rapids looks to have 4G LTE coverage now, and all the addresses I checked look good. Thanks for the info, I think I’m moving forward with the upgrade!

Hi @scottf.vff7qm,

Would you like me to send you a GSM SIM card you could test in your Moto X Pure before you make your purchase?

You’d need it anyway for the Pixel 3a :smiley_cat:


That would be great! Let me know what you need from me.

I assume for GSM it would just be a matter of swapping the sim into the new phone when I get it, correct? I know CDMA is more complicated…

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For the GSM SIM card, yes, you would want to move the SIM card from the X Pure to the new Pixel 3a, and reboot both phones.

I’ll DM you in a moment to privately confirm some details about sending the SIM card.

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Hi @scottf.vff7qm,

I hope you’ll pop back into Community once you’ve tried out the SIM card and let us know what you think about the new coverage in eastern Iowa. We were excited to see that update to our coverage maps, and would love to have some real-world experience reports from the area!


I saw that CDMA support for the Pixel 3a has arrived now as well, so I went ahead and bought the Pixel and loaded the provided GSM SIM in it (thanks @southpaw!).

Just getting started with the GSM SIM around town, but thus far I’m generally seeing solid coverage at more places than I did with CDMA on my Moto X Pure. In my house it’s about the same (ie, not real great), but we’re in a heavily wooded area, so not too surprised. Everywhere I’ve been in the car (even right outside my house) it’s held solid at 4-5 bars of LTE, so a definite improvement. I have several more places to explore in and around the outskirts of town, but looking promising thus far.

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Thanks so much for following up to let us know about the improved coverage!!

You said “I saw that CDMA support for the Pixel 3a has arrived now”. Where did you see that the Pixel 3a has CDMA support through Republic?

I really want to switch out my phone for a 3a, but GSM is terrible by me, but CDMA works great. I was nervous to buy a 3a until I knew for sure that Republic can have it do CDMA.

Hi @lauram.gnewih,

Welcome back to our Member Community!

I made the announcement here: Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL now supported for BYOP and it is now documented in our Help Center as well:

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