Upgraded moto g3 on refund plan and have way less cell access

What phone do you have? now moto 5gs plus (refurb)

What plan are you on? automatically switched to my choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1gb

Issue Description

I live in rural virginia and cell access is limited, wifi even more so. My moto g3 on the refund plan could make calls most of the way to town with just a couple drop spots and have some signal at home too. I just upgraded to a refurbed moto 5gs plus and it switched me to my choice plan. it isn’t showing cell signal at home at all or most other places where moto g3 had enough signal to make a call. Is it plan? is it phone? is it settings? what gives…enough of an issue to make me think of rolling back despite some improvements. I have satellite wifi at home, however old phone often had difficulty maintaining call on that. HELP!

Your old G3 was using the CDMA network partner, Sprint.
The new phones use GSM Tmobile if you are using the BYOP SIM.
You can request a CDMA SIM for your new phone by following this process:

I purchased the phone from RW…wouldn’t that have the CDMA sim? How do I tell?

In the RW app under Settings gear Icon, About, SIM type.

Thank you, Cheetah, you nailed it. sim type GSM. grrr. What’s right about this I’m not getting? Is the CDMA generally a better choice for rural areas? Is it possible for me to switch back and forth with ease depending on where I’m traveling? How do I compare coverage for RWs CDMA vs GSM?

The coverage maps would show you the main difference in the coverage.

GSM: Cell Phone Coverage Map – Republic Wireless

CDMA: Cell Phone Coverage Map – Republic Wireless

Unfortunately, no, one can not just easily switch between the 2 on the fly.
SIM cards expire after 20 days of non use.

Thank you Cheetah, ordering new sim card now…No chance I could swap in the one from my old moto g3, right? I do plan to continue to use that for listening to recordings, etc.

Nope. The Sim in those legacy phones are tied to that exact phone and can be moved. Also…Sim swapping among different phones is a GSM feature.

that was my guess. Thanks for your help!

If your G3 still works fine you can easily reactivate it to use while waiting for CDMA SIM. Just turn it back on and activate as a replacement for the new phone.


thank you, i’ll do that if getting new sim card is going to take too long.

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