Upgraded to moto g 4 plus now no cell coverage


I am a long time republic wireless customer. Had a moto g first gen for many years. I just upgraded to a moto g4 plus (bring your own program). Now there is no no cell coverage in much of the area that I travel in during the day. I had great coverage with my other phone. It says β€œNo network connection, you do not have access to cellular networks. Try to find a wifi.” Wi-fi is non existent in the rural area in which I live. Please advise . . .


Bring Your Own Phone is GSM service (T-Mobile) at the moment. Your Moto G 1st gen was CDMA service (Sprint). Open a Republic Wireless Help Ticket and see what they can do for you (perhaps they can get you set up with CDMA service on your new phone). They have helped others with this issue.


Did this problem get fixed? I am having this issue with my daughters Galaxy S7 phone and was told.she needs to try a new SIM card.


Yes. The new SIM card helped.


I am getting the same exact message on my Moto G4 Plus and am getting the run around from Republic employees who are dragging things out, taking 4 hours to send an email response back to me, and one employee has no clue what another employee has already had me do with the phone. They have literally ruined my Labor day weekend.


Hi @cherid

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your G4+. Is this a new issue or something you have experienced before?.

Sometimes, the devil is in the details, so the more detailed information you can provide, the better we can access your situation and help resolve the issue.

Note: We are just customers like yourself, and cannot see your interactions with support.

However, if you do not mind sharing your Support Ticket number, we may be able to help expedite a resolution.


This is a new issue and started approximately 27 hours ago. I was on the phone, using the cellular network, because I was on my way home from the Quantico, Virginia area and within minutes of hanging up my phone stopped working and gave me the message β€œ.No network connection, You do not have access to cellular networks.” The phone also popped up a message telling me there was no valid sim card. The phone told me that I had no cell data available (made no sense since I barely use cellular data) but I upgraded my phone plan just in case. When I upgraded the plan it told me that my phone should be working within minutes, and that never happened (one tech speculated that the system was some how frozen and not processing my upgrade correctly. I only have a working phone if I am connected to a WiFi signal. Anyone who attempts to call me when I do not have a WiFi signal gets a message that there is a problem with my phone and they are unable to leave a message; anyone attempting to send me a text message is told my phone is not available.

My current ticket number is: #1215936


The board blacked out my ticket number -


Thank you for the additional information @cherid

One more question if you don’t mind, which phone did you upgrade from?. The reason I ask is because legacy phones are on Sprints CDMA network, whereas the G4+ may be provisioned on the GSM network.

I realize how frustrating this all can be, but I implore you to maintain a bit more patience, RW always tries to maintain amicable resolutions to issues like this that sometimes occur.


My prior phone was a Moto X with RW.


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