Upgraded to Samsung S8 a week ago. Can't make calls on Cell, data issues,

Samsung Galaxy S8

My Choice + 1 GB

OLD Phone - Moto X (2nd Gen)

Republic Wireless App Version:

Never had an issue making calls with my old phone. Received Samsung S8 less than a week ago and nothing but issues. Where to start???

  1. Says “Emergency calls only” even when at home on Wifi
    1a. Fixes I have read here and online describe solutions for which I do NOT have toggle switches
  2. No Option under Settings to update PRL or Profile (A search returned nothing). Heck, not even an option to access System Update. I live less than a half mile from a T-Mobile tower.
  3. Can’t use “Edge” Features - I can adjust the lighting, but there is no option to turn on the “Panels.”

All in all, very frustrating! If I would have known all the problems, time spent, not to mention the eye strain, I would have never “Upgraded.” Feel I totally wasted my money.

On our new phones we have access to using 2 different carriers. One is our CDMA based carrier, same as before, and we added a GSM carrier as well. You probably are on a new carrier and their coverage is not as good in your area.

Did you buy the phone from Republic? Do you see cellular bars on your phone?

If you cannot update PRL you are now on GSM and not CDMA as you were in the past.

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated!

I bought the phone from Republic. I DO NOT have any cell bars on my S8. I do have them on my old phone. I only live a 1/2 mile from the tower. So how do I fix it so I can make calls when away from home, on a cell network?

Just cause you see a tower does not mean it has all carriers on it. Just open a ticket with support. They will do some checks with you and then, if appropriate, send a CDMA SIM card to help you change networks.

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