Upgrades every week


Frankly, I am getting sick and tired of the mandatory upgrades every flippin’ week. You apparently aren’t allowed to ignore them, the notifications take over your phone, popping up every single time you try to send a text, answer an email, take a photo. I had an ‘urgent’ upgrade 2 weeks ago. Fine. I had one last week and got a bit annoyed, so called RW to ask how to get rid of it - the answer basically said to do the upgrade and it would leave me alone. Fine! And this week, yep, another upgrade that won’t leave me alone!! Has anyone ever thought to work out the bugs BEFORE the release, so that the constant ‘fixes’ aren’t necessary?


Like a Android update or just app updates? You can disable app updates in the google play settings.

Android updates are important to install for security and stability reasons, I recommend installing them. You can disable the notifications for android updates in the android settings. Android typically updates very rarely, and are not something Republic is responsible for.


Are you sure you are finishing the install? There are just not that many unique system upgrades for Android. My guess would be that you are downloading the update and not installing it so it keeps nagging you or it is failing. My suggestion is to note the version before the upgrade and see if it is changing.


How do I share a picture. I got a shot of the newest ‘upgrade’ demand. As far as am I finishing the install - I wait until it says “open”, which I do, and I would think that would finish it. This is NOT the same upgrade as I did last week. I just get frustrated with this phone.


Sounds like your getting normal apps updating. As Burusutazu mentioned you can disable apps from automatically being updated in the Play Store Settings options.

Open Google Play.
Tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top-left.
Tap Settings.
Tap Auto-update apps.
To disable automatic app updates, select Do not auto-update apps.


If you could tell the community what phone you’re having the problems with, someone could provide you step by step instructions on how to get a screenshot from the phone to the forum … then perhaps we could better address the problem with you.


The woman I spoke with at RW told me I had to update the RW app - through
the play store. That is what I did. I’m assuming that this latest will
have to be done through the play store as well.


Your screenshot is of a Android system update. You should plug phone in as suggested, tap OK, I GOT IT and it should automatically install/update. That notification will keep popping up if ignored. No need to visit the Play Store for this type of update notification. RW app updates do come from the Play Store.