Upgrading 1.0 Phone and keep 1.0 plan

I’m trying to help my dad upgrade his phone and keep his plan. He has been using a RW Moto E 1st Gen cell phone and 1.0 plan forever but he dropped it and has some damage to it. While it works I thought I’d give him my old RW Moto X 1st Gen as an upgrade yet I can’t find any directions on what to do. As most mention moving the sim from one to the other but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t apply with these phones. Any help on this would be beneficial, thanks.

You’re correct, it doesn’t apply. Simply power on the X1, open the Republic App and follow the directions there. Be sure to select the “replacement” option and then select the line with your dad’s number, to move the number to the X1.


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I would recommend (if you have not already done so…), doing a Factory Reset on the Moto X before starting the instructions @louisdi gave you.

The only issue I’d have if factory reset it that it lose any critical updates etc. Yet I’ve cleaned all my personal stuff off the phone as I haven’t used it in two plus years.

Thanks, easy enough! I knew it wasn’t difficult. If run into any issues, I’ll be back.

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