Upgrading and handing down a phone; do I need new SIM cards?

RW customer with 2 phones, a new Motorola G7 and giving old G5+ to spouse. Do I need new SIM cards?

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Hi Dan, Welcome to the community. Can you provide some more details on this? The G5+ is something you’re currently using and giving to your spouse? The G7 is new? If so, did it come from Republic? What phone does your spouse have now? It is active with Republic?

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I’m moving from Moto G5+ to a Moto G7 (unlocked from Amazon and will arrive tomorrow). My spouse has a 1st gen MotoX and she will be getting my G5+ and discard the MotoX.
My account is phone/text/3 GB of data while hers is only Phone and text. I would still like to turn on data for her, if necessary. I don’t recall the name, but I pay around $45 per month for both. We obviously want to keep our present numbers.
I’ve also ordered an RW sim card for the G7 that is scheduled for arrival tomorrow.

Thanks Dan… Let’s check a couple of things here. First, on the G5+ can you please open the Republic App, click the little gear at the top and then About. What does it say there for SIM Type? Also, can you share your ZIP code? I’m asking for this so that we can check to make sure you’ll have good coverage with the G7.

As far as a SIM, you should not need another one. Once you activate the G7 with the new SIM, you’ll then be able to factory reset and then reactivate the G5+, with the SIM that’s already in it, for your spouse.

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The sim type indicated is GSM. My zip code is 30259-4257. My cell coverage is okay, but could be better. Last year, my security system provider had me change to a Verizon transmission card to improve performance at my home. Don’t know if this might be a similar situation. Thanks

Is your wife’s coverage with the Moto X better than yours with the G5+?

Probably a little better, but I’m not certain.

Ok, well between the phones you have you have service with both of Republic’s partners, Sprint and T-Mobile. Your G5+ is activated with T-Mobile, as your G7 will be. You’re wife’s current phone, assuming it is the original Moto X (or Moto X2) uses Sprint as the network, which is why I asked if coverage was better.

When you make the transition as I suggested above, both the G5+ and G7 will be activated with T-Mobile. If it turns out your wife notices markedly worse coverage she can open a ticket with support and request a Sprint (CDMA) SIM for the G5+. For now, the G7 is only capable of being used with T-Mobile as the partner so that won’t be able to be moved until Sprint becomes available which we’re hoping will be some time in August.

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Thank you, hopefully you have covered all of my issues. I appreciate the good work you guys do with RW.


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