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My son needs a replacement phone and I have a Moto X Pure en route to me. will i need to purchase 2 sim cards to be able to assign his phone number to my older moto X and use the new sim card on the MXP or will the old sim card from my moto x work on the MXP and put a new sim card in the old phone? I think i will need 2 cards but couldnt quite find the right topic/discussion with this particular situation. Thanks!


If you purchased the Pure from RW then it will come with a SIM installed. If you bought it elsewhere you will need to buy a SIM from RW or Amazon.

When you activate it you will log into your RW account and be asked if you want to replace an existing phone. Say yes and replace your Moto X. This will move the number from your Moto X to your new Pure and deactivate the Moto X.

Next, factory reset the X and activate it as a replacement for your son’s present phone. Do not remove the SIM from the Moto X. It is unique to that phone and must stay with it even if you sell it to someone else.


Awesome, Thank you! I thought it may be that easy. Thanks for the quick response.

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