Upgrading from 4.0 to 5.0; how do I assign phone to new account?


Thank you all for the wealth of information and the comradery through this odd situation. @southpaw , I’m upgrading my plan from a Republic 4.0 to 5.0. I’ve already made a new account, put my new SIM card in, gone through the whole activation process including the creation of new APNs, but when I try to assign my phone to the new account, it doesn’t work. And the Republic app won’t recognize the SIM card. So, I was wondering if I have to get myself on a list to help with the activation, or will it automatically work once the engineers do their thing? Apologies if the answer to that is hidden somewhere in this thread. And thanks for all your help.

Good Morning @davidb and welcome to the Community!

By gone through the whole activation process, is this the process you used:

Did you receive confirmation your activation was complete? If not did your receive an error message?

I’m uncertain what you mean by trying to “assign” the phone to the new account. There’s not a way to assign the phone to the new account. One activates the 5.0 SIM on the new account.

Currently, the Republic app does not recognize 5.0 SIMs. Unlike 4.0 (My Choice) and earlier plans, the Republic app is not used to activate a 5.0 SIM and is not necessary for 5.0 service.

If your 4.0 service still works (to find out swap the 4.0 SIM back into your phone), it may just be a matter of waiting for your number to move from the 4.0 SIM to the 5.0 SIM. For some, that’s been a matter of minutes. For others, it’s taken a few days.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve gone through that whole process. At first, I received error messages from my previous account the the transfer of my number had failed, but after a few tries it seemed to work, though I never received an email that the activation was complete. Is there an official email that says Activation Complete that I need to see to be sure I did everything correctly?
I was just able to put my SIM card in, have the phone recognize that it’s a republic SIM card, and change the APN settings. I’m still using the 4.0 SIM card to call/text as that doesn’t work on the 5.0 SIM card. And when I log into the old account, under My Lines - Your Phone, it still has my phone assigned to the old account. When I log into the new account, under My Lines - Your Phone, there is no phone and no device ID. Is this something that’ll just take time, or by not getting that confirmation email, should I start the process over again?

No, please don’t do that.

@billg and @davidb, it appears to me neither of your numbers has completed porting from 4.0 to 5.0. This is why you still see your phones listed as active in your old accounts. When porting is fully complete you’ll still see your phones in the old account but they will be listed as canceled.

Emails to the new account regarding activation and porting status are as much miss as they are hit right now (not all ongoing bugs have yet been squashed). You should receive email to the old account when your 4.0 SIMs cancel as the result of the completed port to 5.0.

In the interim, while you may find some things work on 5.0, I recommend continuing using your 4.0 SIMs until service on them cancels. Once that happens, :crossed_fingers: your 5.0 SIMs should start fully working.

Finally, let me say, the experience isn’t what Republic wants it to be. Again, :crossed_fingers: with the start of the coming work week with no holidays, all gets sorted.

Thanks @rolandh for your help. I just noticed that my the phone number associated with the 4.0 SIM card has changed, and my existing phone number that I wanted to keep correctly transferred over to my 5.0 SIM card. That seems like progress!

I guess I’m wondering if I have to go into my old account and cancel service for that line (the new phone number on the 4.0 SIM card - a number that I don’t want), and select “NO, I’m good with losing that number” when it asks “Do you want to keep your number?” so that the phone is freed up to transfer over to the new 5.0 card? Or will this happen automatically?

David, I’m in the same situation. We are advised to just ignore the phone in our 4.0 account and forget about the new number. It will disappear automatically. I put my 4.0 SIM in a spare phone and it does call out but it also seems to be attracting SPAM calls.

It is progress of sorts and indicative your number has completed porting to the 5.0 SIM.

My understanding is the self-serve cancel process is broken. It is further my understanding, agents currently are unable to cancel service on members’ behalf, so opening a ticket and asking for that is currently pointless. I apologize for not having something better to offer but, for now, I’d simply track how much in extra charges for the dual 4.0/5.0 service rack up and once bugs get squashed ask Republic to credit back any extra charges if Republic doesn’t take care of it automatically.

Meanwhile, I suggest using the 5.0 SIM in the phone you wish to use it. If that’s the phone the 4.0 SIM currently resides in, swap the 5.0 SIM in and the 4.0 SIM out.