Upgrading from a Moto g4 to g7

I might purchase unlocked Moto G7 from another supplier. I have a Moto G4 and it’s a Republic phone with a sim. Can I just swap SIM cards? Thanks.

Short answer is if you have a GSM sim card then you can just swap the SIM card (just remember to remove the outer rim as the G4 sim card size is micro while the G7 uses a “nano” size SIM card).

If you have CDMA SIM card… then you will have to activate with a GSM SIM card and then request a CDMA SIM card by submit a help ticket As noted by @rolandh below, CDMA SIM card is not available for G7 at this time.

You may find this useful

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Hi @seankaz,

The answer on moving your G4’s SIM is maybe.

If the G4’s SIM is GSM, it will move to a G7 or other Republic compatible phone. You would need to punch out the smaller nano size from the current micro size SIM in your G4. Some more on that from Republic here: Installing Your SIM Card – Republic Help.

If you G4’s SIM is CDMA, please let us know and we’ll provide more insight. A zip code (nothing more) would help us to better help you. If your G4’s SIM is CDMA, please do not pull the trigger on a purchase of the G7 just yet as Republic is unable to offer CDMA coverage on the G7 at this time.

The how to from Republic to determine which type of SIM you have is linked here: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

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Thanks for your reply Roland. It is a GSM republic SIM card, I would assume that it’s compatible with the new Moto G7? I just purchased my Moto 4 from Republic about 1 1/2 years ago.

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Hi @seankaz,

A GSM SIM will indeed transfer to a Moto G7. When sourcing elsewhere, one does need to be careful to acquire the correct model. (there are multiple G7 variants on the market and not all are Republic compatible). Please see here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

I recently unfortunately purchased a Moto G7 and assumed complete compatibility with Republic Wireless (Based on this page)

I am on a CDMA SIM. I can run a GSM sim in my area, but it’s lower quality service.

Is there a rough timeline for CDMA coverage for Moto G7? Would it be possible to temp use GSM on it before going to CDMA?

To the best of my knowledge, Republic has not yet announced a specific timeline for CDMA service.


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Hi @matthewp,

I’ve updated the document you referenced. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. While the phone itself is CDMA-compatible, it was premature for it to be listed in the “CDMA” section since the SIM card support for it is not yet available.

I’ll follow up with you by Help TIcket with some additional information.



I would be very interested in when the Moto G7 will be available for use on the CDMA network. I recently damaged my G4+ trying to replace the battery since battery life started to decline over the past 3-4 months. I need a new phone but don’t want to purchase just anything to use until the G7 is available on CDMA… I was able to activate my service on my old Moto G so I am not w/o service right now but I had gotten spoiled with my VZW Moto Z Play Droid and then back on my Moto G4+ when I returned to RW.

Is there some way for me to get updates on the status of the G7 CDMA activity?



When Republic has news, they’ll announce it and update all the documentation on the website here. That being said, when we’ve encountered this issue in the past (new type of CDMA SIM card required for new model phone) it has been a matter of months or longer, rather than days or weeks, so if I had to speculate, it’s going to be a while.

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