Upgrading from a Moto X 1st Gen. to (X4 or G5)?

As it stands, it looks like the G5 is clearly the best value. It looks as if the only thing I will really sacrifice is the OS version, plastic case, and processor speed by about 10%? While saving $125 and gaining a 64GB over a 32GB phone.

Has anyone else done similar research that might have a counter to this? Any reason I might want to reconsider the X4?

Thank you!

Your Moto X (1st Gen) is presently working with Sprint towers. If you choose the G5+ you will most likely continue working with Sprint. If you choose the X4 you will be served by T-Mobile towers until, hopefully, later this year so before ordering an X4 check the T-Mobile coverage map.


Yeah, this seems like a non-issue for me at the moment. The G5 will probably be my choice unless I hear something that’s a staple for the X4.

Thanks for sharing!

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One of my granddaughters got a G5+ a couple of months ago and is thrilled with it.T Her sister is getting the same phone.
These new phones replace a Moto X (1st Gen) and a Moto X (2nd Gen) which can no longer message while roaming on Verizon towers. In their cases, the switch from Sprint to T-Mobile dramatically improves their overall coverage and completely solves the messaging problem.

They especially like the 64 Mb because they load their phones with lots of music and pictures. They both chose the Gold version because they love the way it looks in this case:


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All the exclusive Moto X features with driving voice messages, always on ok google even lock screen. Basically all the moto features people love with the X series phones.

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