Upgrading from Defy XT


My Defy XT died so I need a new phone, which also means changing from my 1.0 plan to 3.0. I spend the bulk of my time in either northwest WI or Milwaukee. The coverage tool tells me I have no cellphone coverage up north, though with my Defy XT I do have service most places. Also, I see there is no data roaming with 3.0 plans. So my questions are

  1. Should I really expect less coverage in northern WI with a new phone than I had with the Defy XT and 1.0 plan?

  2. Does no data roaming mean that while traveling between Milwaukee and northern WI I won’t be able to get email or checking the weather (which is the only data I use while traveling)?

And finally, does anyone feel like recommending a phone? I don’t like that all the new phones are significantly bigger than my Defy. I don’t care about playing games or watching video. I just want to make calls and run a few apps (like checking the weather) and check email and do occasional quick internet searches, like getting the meaning or pronunciation of a word. Were I to choose right now, I’d probably get the Moto G5 Plus.




as long as you get a phone from Republic that currently capable of being activated CDMA you should have the same coverage you have now (the DEFY used the CDMA Partner (Sprint). It’s know that the GSM partner is no very good in Wi.
Roaming data mean whenever there no native Sprint Coverage (or T-Mobile for the GSM partner) there will be no user data (there will still have Voice roaming and Text should also work but may be hit and miss)

  1. As long as you get a phone with Republic’s CDMA Partner (Sprint) you should expect the same coverage.
  2. Yes, it does.

Given your requirements, the G5+ sounds like overkill. I would strongly consider saving the cash and getting the E4 instead.


Thanks for the responses. Very helpful.


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