Upgrading from moto g3 to byop moto g7 power what exactly do I need to do?

I am finding all sorts of related posts, but nowhere the actual steps to do this. Please help!

You should be aware, the new phones do require the My Choice plans. You will need the BYOP SIM card. The Bring Your Own Phone SIMs are available at the links below.


The replacement process is now done during activation. That is how you move a phone number between Republic phones. You will sign into your Republic account during the activation and select your phone number to move to the new phone. This link will give you directions on how to activate.

Another thing to consider is the BYOP SIM card is only GSM at this time and your current phone is CDMA. What zip code (only give the zip and not your full address) will you be using the phone?


Thanks, zip is 14218. Does it make sense to go ahead sand order the sim even though I won’t have the phone in hand till tomorrow?

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Looks like the GSM partner (T-Mobile) has great coverage in the area so you’re good to order the SIM at your convenience.

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