Upgrading from Moto X 1st Gen and need some help

My household has two Moto X (1st generation) purchased 3.5 yrs ago. The phones were great but are definitely starting to degrade, it’s time for something new.

I’m completely lost when looking at phones now. We want something around $200 or less (such as the Moto G4, Moto G5 plus, and upcoming Mote E4) and are worried this is going to be a downgrade or sidegrade in a lot of ways, even this many years later. I definitely want a good camera–the camera on our Moto X’s is just awful!

Does anyone have a model suggestion?


hello @kitten
the Moto X was a Best Phone (the Moto X and /z lines are it direct replacements
the Moto G lines phones where always the "better"class of phone, (the Moto G3 and G4 would be minor upgrades to a Moto X 1st gen (the Moto G5 Plus would be closer to a best class phone with the $300 version being better with double RAM and on-board storage though 32 GB of storage is not to bad and 2 GB of RAM is what your current Moto X 1st Gens have
the Moto E4 is just a good class phone and would be just a side step (to your current phone

this is of-course just my option

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Thank you so much, that really helps! I’m happy there is even a slight upgrade in this price range.

I think generally we don’t care much about storage, mostly screen size, camera quality, and general performance. It looks like the g5 plus might be the way to go.

The main thing the G5 lacks that you have on the Moto X 1st is NFC [all Gs and Es lack this]
NFC is mainly used for Android Pay


the really nice thing is the Moto G5 Plus has the option to have 4Gb Ram with 64Gb Nand memory and also it fully supports the “adoptable internal memory expansion”; just pop in a very high performance micro sd memory card such as the Samsung Pro Plus 128Gb for about $100 at Best Buy; and one is good to go at up to 192Gb of total expansion capability which would basically futureproof any of your potential internal memory expansion needs for many years to come without any problems whatsover no matter what ones potential applications one might have in mind!!

My friend just purchased a G4 Play…coming from a Moto E

I was blown away at how beautiful and large the screen was compared to my Moto X1 like yours.
The sad part of the story is he has had very poor cell reception and is not a happy camper right now. It took him days to just get a CS phone call and much help from me on the forums. I hope it gets better for him because the phone itself is gorgeous

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