Upgrading from Moto X1 to RW Moto X4- just a couple of questions


I’ve had my RW Moto X 1st gen for 4+ years and decided it’s finally time to upgrade, and based on the most helpful discussions on this board I decided to go for it. Battery is still good on the MX1, everything seems to work fairly well still, but I would love my podcasts for my commute on one device and have grown to hate the Kindle I was forced to use when my iPod died almost 2 years ago…

Also, my SO might be interested in re-activating it on the WiFi only plan, if that’s still a possibility.

Anyway, my questions are:

Does it matter which USB A to C cables I get? Can’t imagine it does, but the BrexLink cables amazoon don’t actually list Moto X4 so I just wanted to check here first, in case there is something I missed. Might just be outdated product info.

Also, which case have people found works well and is good quality? The Spigen liquid crystal case looks awesome, and the handful of reviews are positive.


Additionally- I see so much discussion about bells and whistle function, but when is the last time someone compared actual phone call sound quality? Oh, that’s right. No one actually uses that function anymore… :wink:

Also meant to say I am glad I get to keep NFC, though Android pay kept deleting my cards, but maybe I can get it to work better now. I am also spoiled by the hands-free (Drive?) mode. Hadn’t realized that was a Moto X thing.

X1 can be easily be reactivated on the $5 WiFi only 2.0 Refund plan. Once you activate your new phone and choose to move you number the X1 will be deactivated. …How to Activate a Republic Wireless 1.0 or 2.0 Phone – Republic Help

I’ve also read that initially the X1 may need to be reactivated on the basic $10 plan and then reschedule a downgrade to the WiFi only. I’d think a Support ticket could do the same and save the $5 extra for the first month.


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We got this case for X4


seems to be working well so far. It is a bit bulkier but the stand comes in handy every now and then.

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Had the Mustaner in my cart, but ultimately ordered the Spigen Rugged Armor. Seems a little slimmer. I am already worried about how big this phone is since the MX1 is so much smaller.


Yes… the X1 felt like the right size…but once I got my MXP… I quickly got used to the larger size…and I do like it. We have another X4 on the account and that seems to be comfortable
size as well.

Although I don’t have anything that uses USB C, there have been warnings going around a few months ago due to cheap usb c cables. USB C is newish and a bit more complex it seems than the older USB micro cables. Here is an article from a while ago:

Or if you want data, here is a spreadsheet by the people of the internet:


Thanks for the articles! Good info in there.

Already ordered these, which I think should be fine.

Only had the Moto X4 for a couple of days but I absolutely LOVE it. The Spigen Rugged Armor case is perfectly tough without being bulky. No way I would try to use this phone as slippery as it is without a case. Just put an IQ Shield on the screen since I know with my luck I would drop it.

I agree with the reviews saying that while the Moto Z took over in the flagship category, the Moto X4 is quite awesome for the price.

All in all it fits my needs perfectly and I am super happy I decided to get it. My boyfriend is enjoying my old Moto X1 on the Refund plan, too. :sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing back your experience…this really helps the community members who go through similar thought process to see how things worked out for the OP.

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I did not come from a previous X but the X4 has one serious flaw – it does not notify you when you’ve missed a call, text, or e-mail, etc. You pretty much have to touch the phone to see if you’ve missed any messages, and even then the notifications disappear too fast and it’s a pain to get them to show back up so I find I have to unlock the phone to check my messages anyway. It also has a less serious flaw in that it does not allow you to install anything to an SD card.

Other than that, it’s a great phone.

Actually, @drog the Moto X4 does show missed calls, emails, texts, etc. It’s all in the settings (in Oreo): Moto > Features >Moto Display. Make sure it’s on and that those apps aren’t blocked. The Moto display works well, for me. I also use Mr Number which makes a big notification after a missed call. Default settings work fine and in fact I had to go tone them down so my podcast didn’t pause continuously when my texts exploded :dizzy_face:

The problem with Moto Display is you have to interact with the phone to see if you missed any calls or texts. I need something that will grab my attention If I missed someone and the Moto X4 does not do that on its own. That is a problem for me as I will often leave my phone on a table or desk for hours while I go about my business and I do not intend to change my behavior for the phone. It needs to change its behavior for me.

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may I ask what app did you use to move all your stuff from your old moto x? I just upgraded my moto x2 to a x4 and found that migrate is not supported on the latest android

Hi @mauriciob

Here is a Wiki from over in the Tips and Tricks section you should find useful.

How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone

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Sorry, been a rough month. Haven’t been on here. Hope you got the info you needed.

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