Upgrading Moto e4 to g7

I submitted this query to an expert customer via RW but the answer does not show up when I click “View Reply” – just takes me to the RW help page (??) Anyway: looking to replace my Moto e4 with Moto g7 play. Now, none of the Moto phones offered by RW are listed as “optimal” for my zip code. What exactly does this mean? Coverage outside house WIFI has always been spotty here with my current phone. I suspect the g7 will not be any worse.

Hi @robertw.xonopw,

Are you clicking the “View Reply” link on a computer or a phone?

Do you see this medallion at the bottom, right hand corner of the Help Center?
If so, clicking it will open the conversation with the Expert.


I am using my PC and no, the medallion
does not appear at the bottom right hand corner of the Help
Center page.

Robert… I’m the one that replied there… We can talk about it here as well. You mentioned that your E4 doesn’t have great coverage in your area. I asked for two things, your ZIP code and on the E4 if you could open the Republic App, then click the little gear at the top and then About. What does it say there for “SIM Type”?


If/When you have time, I’d very much like to troubleshoot that with you, because I see far too many Expert conversations where the Expert replies and the member never responds again, just as has happened here. I’m afraid others are sharing your experience, and I’d like to figure out why.

When I open the link to your reply in an incognito browser, I see the conversation. It would be very helpful to know what computer, operating system, and browser you have, and any extensions you might have on your browser.

But first, please let Louis continue assisting you with the coverage question.


Thanks for getting back to me. My zip
is 27549. The SIM type is CDMA (ISIM).

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OK, here’s the explanation:

Republic works with two carriers, T-Mobile and Sprint. You E4 is activated with Sprint. Right now the G7 series works only with T-Mobile as the partner. Republic’s data shows that T-Mobile usually great network just doesn’t have great coverage in your area, so that’s why you’re seeing the message regarding phones not optimized for your area.

Republic IS working on getting the G7 series to work with Sprint as the partner. At this time we don’t have a specific date when this will happen, but the hope is sometime during September. Until then, if you were to use a G7, the coverage would be very poor in your area.

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My desktop is an owner built rig
running win10 x64. My default browser is Firefox with ADblock+,
Cisco Webex, FF Lockwise, Google Scholar, FF Personas Plus,
Zotero Connector extensions enabled. I also have a Lenovo T540p
x64 laptop running the same OS, browser and extensions. FYI,
Louis’s reply is visible perfectly in Firefox in a separate
window running on the right side of the Help Page on my laptop,
but nothing appears on the same Help Page I’m looking at on my
desktop. Switching to Gmail in Chrome on my desktop, the same
window appears running on the left side of the help page but the
text parts of the message are missing and/or obscured, and the
applet appears only partly functional. The same happens in
Chrome on my laptop. I assume the two computers are running
different win10 system builds but I can’t say which.

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OK so what are my options?

I guess the first question, is do you need the phone right now?

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