Upgrading Phone - Advice and Plan Change Required?

Good morning, yall!

My wife’s Moto E (2nd Gen) is just not cutting it anymore. She has no more storage memory and she is very dissatisfied with call quality and photo quality. So I’m looking to upgrade her phone with those three things top priority.

I’m looking at the Moto G 4th Gen. That phone has 32GB of storage - can anyone speak to the call quality and the photo quality with the camera? Any other phone suggestions besides that one without breaking the bank?

Also, I’m concerned about how getting a new phone could change our plan? We love our current plan with the refund (I don’t have data, she has 0.5 GB, rarely uses it and we pay $24-$25/month total which we love). If we upgrade her phone, will we be forced to change our plan?

Thank you!


P.S. Is there a good way to sell her phone (or both our phones if I decide to upgrade)?

Unfortunately, the new phone must go on the more expensive 3.0 plan. There is no refund on this plan. The other phone can stay on its current plan.

Twenty bucks for 1 GB of cellular data is still a pretty good price, but like you the 2.0 refund plan has been perfect for us.

There should be no problem with memory anymore. The E2 had call problems when released, so maybe that issue goes away too. I would expect the picture quality to be better too, however she will have to use the phone to see if it meets her approval.

Note you do have 14 days to send the phone back for a refund if the Moto G4 doesn’t meet her needs.

I was reading the update about the 3.0 Plans just as you replied to this. Thank you!

So am I right in thinking our poor call quality could be based on the fact we are still on old phones on the Refund 2.0 plan?

And based on your answer, I could keep my old phone and pretty poor call quality (eh, whatever, it’s a phone and as long as they hear me eventually, that’s good for me) and upgrade her’s and we would go up to $30/month…that’s not bad at all.

Well the old E2 had call quality problems right from the start.

If you buy the phone from Republic, they will select the best carrier for your area, Tmobile or Sprint. So that may help too.

You can sell the phone on Swappa, but I would just keep one in reserve as a backup in case you break a phone. I wouldn’t expect to get much money for them, and selling them probably is not worth the effort.

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