Upgrading phone from Defy XT-- Do I get a 10% discount monthly?


Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this. I have a Defy from waaaay back when that I still use and is becoming more and more useless daily. I got an unlocked Moto G Plus this week from B&H Foto that came with free 6 month 2GB service from RW. I want to change my account from the Defy over to the G Plus, along with my phone number, and I was wondering if I get the 10% monthly discount that I’ve seen posted on here a few times. If not, I was considering selling the 6 month sim card on Ebay and using the phone with some other service.

Also, I was wondering about the difference in service. From what I read it seems as though the new plan I would have with the G Plus would use a different provider than the Defy. About the only thing that the Defy is able to do nowadays is make a phone call, and I don’t want to jeopardize that just for a fancier phone.

Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance.


Presuming you meet the criteria described by Republic here; Beta Member Service Discount FAQ – Republic Help, you are indeed eligible for a continuing 10% discount on monthly service. You cannot, however, apply the six months free service bundled with the promotional offer from B&H. It is for new lines of service only. Lastly I’m not the Republic police squad, however, I would guess reselling the free service offer on eBay (or elsewhere) also violates the terms and conditions of the offer.

Your DEFY is provisioned for cellular service with Sprint. The phone from B&H would be provisioned for coverage with Republic’s GSM network partner. More on coverage here: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help.


You should be able to use the RW SIM card included with the G5 Plus from B&H to activate the phone as a replacement for your current Defy #/line. As rolandh mentioned you would not get the 6 months of free service unless added as an additional #/line to your account.

When first activated the G5 Plus from B&H would be on the GSM network. If the network change results in poor coverage the SIM card can be changed via a Support ticket to use on Sprint’s CDMA network.

Once your Defy XT is deactivated you or anyone else will no longer be able to reactivate it for use.


Thank you for your help. It sounds like I’m not going to get the 10% discount with the new phone and keep my number unless I toss the free 6 months. (Sorry, I wasn’t aware I was not allowed to sell something I bought?? After checking Ebay’s current auctions, it probably wouldn’t have been worth my time anyhow.) I guess my only other option would be to keep both phones for 6 months and then I could switch service to the new phone and keep my current number and get the 10% discount(?), but that doesn’t really make much sense. Sounds like the Defy is finally hitting the trash can and I’ll set up new service with the new phone. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the service is decent. One good thing is that at least the new phone is unlocked so I have options if I can’t get good service.

Now I have to tell all my friends – both of them – that I have a new phone number.

Thanks again for your assistance with this.


Agreed at the Defy plan cost for the six months it wouldn’t make sense.

If important or you’d like to keep your current # and get a 10% Beta discount going forward you may want to consider ditching the 6 months free service and transferring you # to the new phone. You may save more money in the longer term.

You might find your new service a big improvement. Keep in mind if the new phone GSM coverage is not adequate you can request a network change back to Sprint CDMA with a Support ticket.


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