Upgrading Phone--Get Second Sim Card?

Hi, All:

I have a Moto X 2nd Gen. I am going to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S7. I plan to then sell my Moto X 2nd Gen. I wanted to ask if I should buy an additional sim card for $5 to put in my new phone or just transfer the one from the Moto X? Maybe I need to keep the original SIM card in the Moto X to be able to sell it to someone who wants this phone to use on Republic? Also, any suggestions on what fora to use to sell the Motorola? Tx, Tom

The SIM in your Moto X (2nd Gen) must stay with it even if you sell it so yes, you will need a new SIM. The phones sold by RW all come with SIMs.

I’ve sold a couple of phones on eBay. There have been good things said about Swappa too. Before you sell your phone be sure to remove any screen protection (pin, pattern) before factory resetting it. In your ad mention that the phone will work on RW’s outstanding Republic Refund plan.

Thanks for this. Super helpful. Is it the case that my Moto X will ONLY work on Republic Wireless going forward? If so, I’'ll need to stress that in my ad. Tx, Tom

this is true for all Legacy phones (which your Moto X 2nd is)

please see this before selling Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

Hi @thomasj.hgijdp,

If you choose to sell on Swappa rather than eBay, there are sections dedicated to selling Republic specific phones. I think you’ll get a better price on Swappa. I sold my X2 there and was very happy with the experience.

Thanks a lot.

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