Upgrading phone, which should I choose?


Hi all,

I currently have the Nexus 6P, which I purchased in October 2016. Unfortunately my beloved phone has taken a turn for the worse as of about 3 weeks ago. The battery has majorly pooped out! I was originally planning on upgrading next February or March but that’s not happening at this rate. I am charging it about 3-4 times a day, and it dies around 30-45% battery life. I considered submitting a request for a battery replacement with the manufacturer, however it’s going to cost me $168. Which I don’t think is a good use of my money, thus how I came to the decision to buy a new phone.

I’m turning to the community for feedback between two phones I’ve narrowed down to: the Motorola X4 or G5S Plus. From what I gather both phones are relatively similar, and I’m hoping I can get some feedback from you if you have either. I’m interested most in battery life (obviously), picture quality and features, operating system (is Nougat or Oreo better??), and overall phone performance. I had the first generation Motorola X in 2014 so I think I’d like either. Anything you can provide to persuade me towards one phone over the other would be so helpful!


Both the Moto X4 and Moto G5S are on Oreo OS [the Moto X4 should someday see Pie]
the main feature the Moto X4 has is NFC which is mainly used for Android pay.


That’s what I had gathered, they’re mostly the same. I’m reading more about the Oreo OS and it sounds great, but it being in beta stage makes me apprehensive. Are you able to speak to more on this?


Oreo is not in beta it been released for both phones [the Moto G5S Plus was in October and the Moto X4 was released before that]
The phone would ship new with Nougat but system updates will upgrade to the lastest build just need downloading and installing (these happen in order they where released)


Ah, I am completely misinformed by my own research, oops. This is helpful, thank you dmr186. I am leaning towards the X4! I’m reading many good things about it, the g5s + may be too “cut down” for me in terms of features and expandable space capability.