Upgrading phones and plans

I would like to upgrade my wife and sons existing Republic account with new phones and plans. (Both are Moto E 1st generation and would Like to upgrade to Moto G 4th generation) How would I go about doing this? My sons phone is no longer working so I can’t go through the app. Thank you.

Just buy the new phone. During the activation process take the option to move the number from the old phone to the new phone. The old phone will be deactivated at that time.

Hi @sach63,

The first step would be to purchase the new phones. That can be done here: Phones.

Once you have the phone, you’ll set them up according to these instructions, and in the process of activating them, you’ll sign into the same RW account that you use on the old phone. Then you’ll have the option to activate the new phones as upgrades, moving the phone number from the old to the new.

The old phones do not have to be functional for activation of the new phones to work. I just went through this myself as my daughter’s (former) phone now looks like this…

You will not be able to move text message history, call history, or app data from the non-functional phone, but if you’ve enabled Google’s “backup and restore” function on the old phones, it’s surprising just how much is restored when you set up the new one. Even my daughter’s wallpaper was restored to the replacement phone I activated for her.

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