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I have been a Republic Wireless customer for about 4 years. Very happy … but now I need to upgrade my old phone. Most of the phones I see on the Republic website do not have sufficient memory. Personally I would rather get an iPhone but these are not yet supported.

Now the big question. I need at least a 64 gB internal memory Samsung Galaxy phone such as the SM-J730F. I do not want a 16 gB phone. My old phone has only 8 gB and it has been driving me nuts. Will the unlocked Samsung J7 phones with 64 gB of memory work with Republic’s system?


Extracted from Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

When shopping for a phone that will work with Republic, you’ll need to make sure it’s one of our supported phones and is listed as:

  • North American version.
  • Unlocked.
  • GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications).

Additionally the community members have pulled together a x-reference of key functions available on all supported phones … See Detailed Supported Phone Features and it’s kept current)


The J7 must be specifically model: SM-J727U. No other model, even if unlocked, will work.

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Well, I guess that means I will have to discontinue my service with Republic when I buy the next phone. It is sad that Republic does not support higher end phones.

Can’t you just get a phone that supports formatting an SD card as internal storage. Many do.

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I would not put the Samsung J7 as a high end phone the J line are budget phones and Samsung did not release a US version with higher internal storage, the ”F” is the European version
Samsung’s high end phones are the S line and the Note line [both have US Factory Unlocked version that Republic supports]

Republic supports Google’s Pixels, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 & S9 as well as the Samsung Note 8. All are high end phones matching Apple’s iPhone in terms of capability. And, one needs to be willing to pay iPhone like prices if one wants an equivalent high end Android phone. Any of the referenced phones would meet your stated storage requirement. Comparing Samsung’s Galaxy J7, which is a midrange phone to an iPhone is like comparing bananas to pineapples.

Edited to Add:

Another higher end Republic supported phone that meets your storage specification at a more wallet friendly price is the Moto Z3 Play.


Okay. I did not know that. Well maybe I should look into getting an S8 or S9. I was trying to keep the cost down, but maybe this is a good idea.


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