Upgrading to Moto X4/G5 plus from moto X 1st gen (Finally chose a Z2 play)



I have had the 1st gen cdma moto X with republic wireless for quite a while. I’m thinking of upgrading to either the moto X4 or G5 plus. I know many have done the same and I had quite a few questions regarding this:

  1. After the upgrade does the 1st gen moto X get completely bricked or can I still use it for for wifi and bluetooth?

  2. Are the moto X4 and G5 plus sold by republic wireless CDMA phones (without the possibility of using sim cards eg. if I travel abroad)? Is there a difference if I purchase these phones unlocked from elsewhere?

  3. Right now I have text+calling +wifi on my 1st gen for which I pay slightly more than $ 12/mo. I also have the ability to change the plan twice a month. Will the same plans be available when I upgrade and will the monthly bill go up?

  4. One of the biggest problems with my 1st gen, even when it was new, was the battery drain. The idle battery drain was anywhere from 2-5% depending on the apps running. Are the G5+ and X4 any better? I am seeing conflicting information regarding this on the web. So, any comments from current users would be very useful.


no, it still works, for bluetooth and wifi, in fact you can reactivate it later, and use as a backup phone if something happens to your upgrade…

they start off as GSM, and if that does not work out for you and you wish to go to cdma then you just open a ticket and support will send you a cdma sim…

no, the new phones are on the 4.0 plan… $15 a month for talk and text and wifi data
$5 for each GB of data, upgrading data and you get charged the difference between what you have and what your upgrading to… if you downgrade that takes effect on your billing cycle date…

in general yes, battery is better. but like all things there have been cases where some have problems
there is always a small % that have problems… but it is low…
you do have 14 days to decide if you wish to keep the upgraded phone if you get it from RW…
as long as there is not damage to it, it can be returned…


1- your Moto X1 can still be used as a WiFi [Bluetooth] mini tablet after the upgrade
2- both phones are both GSM and CDMA capable and will activate only Amy carrier that will accept them world wide [this is most carriers]
3-all new phones need the new my choice plans [the base is $15 and $5 per GB you want ]
4- u find the new phones to be better battery live [new battery’s always perform better than old until they become old]


When you activate your new phone as an upgrade to your X1, the only thing that changes on the Moto X1 is that it will be deactivated as an active line of service on RW. All other features that work
purely on WiFi will continue to work the same way as earlier. It will no longer be associated with your RW number and it wont have any cellular data access.

If you so choose, you can reactivate it at a later time a new line of service with a new phone number. However, you will lose your existing 1.0 plan that allows you to make two plan changes per billing cycle. The reactivation would put the plan on a 2.0 Refund Plan with the same $10/mo base plan…but cellular data is charged at $15/GB which can be bought in 0.5GB chunks with unused data refunded back to you at the end of the billing cycle.

The X4 and G5 sold by RW same as unlocked phones bought elsewhere. If you are sure that you need a phone provisioned for CDMA coverage then your best bet is to buy your phone from RW. If you buy the phone elsewhere…then you will have to follow a two step process to get CDMA coverage. FIrst you buy a GSM SIM card from RW, activate your phone with GSM coverage and then you can submit a help ticket to request RW to send you a CDMA SIM card to you move you to CDMA coverage.

Your current plan will not work on the new phones. The new plans work with the My Choice Plans which cost $15 for talk and text…plus $5/GB of data. The data cost is non-refundable.
So set your data to the lowest amount that you need and if you run out of data mid-cycle then you can add more data $5/Gig…keep in mind that any unused data will be forfeited at end of the month. See here for more info on the plans

  1. Battery life will degrade over a period of time. Both my G5 plus and X4 have better battery life than my older X1 but that is mostly due to the age of the respective phones.

Overall both the G5 plus and X4 are solid mid-range phones and will be worthy upgrade to your X1.


Thank you all for such informative replies. Its really helpful. But it also leads me to ask: Why would I want to switch to CDMA if GSM is available? Does the phone get locked to republic wireless if I switch to CDMA? My only knowledge about CDMA vs GSM is that one does not need a sim card and the other does. Isn’t being able to use a sim always more flexible and convenient? Also, any specific info about idle battery drains/hour of the G5plus and X4 would be useful.


As it relates to RW service…you do need a SIM card regardless of whether you are on CDMA or GSM. Due to the activation flow, you cannot directly activate using an RW CDMA SIM card if you buy your own phone.

In this context, GSM SIM Card implies that your cellular access is provided by RW’s GSM partner.
while CDMA SIM Card implies your cellular access is provided by RW’s CDMA partner. Depending on their respective coverage in your area you will need one or the other… in some cases both may have good service in your area, in which case it would just be a matter of preference. Just as one reference point, your existing Moto X1 coverage is provided by RW’s CDMA partner.

Sorry I don’t have any data on idle battery drains/hour… they are used by two family members that have completely different usage patterns…so I cannot do an easy comparison of battery life but both are happy with their phones…so I can safely assume that battery life is not directly impacting their phone usability…cos believe me…they would let me know if it were :-). My Moto X Pure which was my first phone on the My Choice plan is starting to exhibit reduced battery life.


While you ponder your choices…it may be worthwhile to go ahead and get a SIM card
while it is being offered for free with free shipping…usually the SIM card costs $5 plus $4 shipping!



I went from a Moto X (first gen) to a g5+. My impression (dependent on my aging memory) is that the battery in the G5+ is better than the X was when it was new (in addition to the benefit of having a new battery).

I also find that using a GPS app doesn’t drain the battery nearly as much in the G5+ as it did in the Moto X. My guess is that the newer GPS chips are more efficient.


Does this mean that there is sim slot in my X1 and I could have used another (phone compatible) provider when I was abroad? Just curious.


Wow. Thanks. I placed the order for the sim. I had seen it was free but assumed it was always so. Having the sim is so convenient as it may even let me test phones before purchasing them or return them fast if I don’t like them.


Yes there is a SIM slot but no to 2nd ? The RW Moto X1 has a custom ROM and can only be used as a phone with RW.



So, It wasn’t just my ignorance. Thanks. Makes me feel better.:slight_smile:


If you order the phone from RW then it does come with a SIM which is included in the cost.
If you order a phone from a third party and then want to use it on a My Choice Plan then you do have to buy the SIM and it normally costs $5 + $4 shipping. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can save on the shipping by getting the SIM card over there.

If you end up needing to convert to CDMA coverage later on…then the CDMA SIM sent by RW
at that time is sent at no additional cost.

Also, please note than an RW SIM once deactivated can only be reactivated up to 20 days
after deactivation. So if you intend to try phones then deactivate service…then you will need
to reactivate within that 20 day period. After the 20 days the SIM card will no longer be able to be reactivated…and you will need to get a brand new SIM card.


I just realized that I didn’t address this part of your question. I think some of the answers addressed portions of it. But just for the sake of completeness, both the G5plus and X4 are
CDMA and GSM capable. It doesn’t matter if you activate with RW’s CDMA SIM or GSM SIM, you will still be able to use it abroad with a SIM from the international carrier… based on the carrier’s compatibility with the phone. A fellow RW member and community ambassador @rolandh has compiled a very detailed and helpful document for international use of RW phones.


If you go purely by mAh…then yes the G5plus has a 3000mAh battery compared to a 2200mAh battery. If you account for the larger screen, increased “typical” usage, etc… I found that I got about the same battery life from my X1 as I do from my G5+.


If any one is reading this in the future, I decided to go with a moto z2 play purchased directly from the motorola website where there is currently a discount and they are offering one of the colors for the same price as a moto x4. It seems to have a better battery life and there is the ease of using moto mods for adding an external battery.


The Moto Z2 Play is a fine choice and a at $349 a good price (I too pick one up at that price in mid February)
I am loving the battery Life compared to my Moto X2 and it find the finger print reader a nice feature. I did n’t plan on using the Moto Mods but I did get a Incipio battery mod and this weekend I have not plug in at all and I’m still at 40% (it will be 2 full days of battery life with normal usage (with out the pack I found it to be around 32 hours before I put it on the charger


Hi @mainakm,

Thanks for the great conversation and for letting us know what you ended up deciding.

Once you’ve set up your Moto Z2 Play and have had a couple of days to get comfortable with it, please come back and let us know how it compares to the X1!


I have a first gen Moto and I recently upgraded to the Moto G5 plus. I use the Moto G1 as my gym WiFi device. It stores nicely in my pocket (I bought the custom Moto case/cover to go with it) and I use its Bluetooth to stream music to my ear pieces. It also still serves nicely with Amazon Shopping, Music, and Video apps. Same thing with Netflix, and Navigation apps. For news it supports both BBC and my local newspaper (Newsday). What else … Weather Underground, and the Binaural Beats (free, and ad free) app for adjusting ones mental state. To use it as a backup phone there are WiFi telephone apps that supply a phone number. The one I had requires you to use it at least once a month, and the ads were a bit too obnoxiously prevalent. So I sprung for the “Pro” version for a few bucks and it works beautifully, but I still need to remember to use it at least once a month. They give you a certain number of free minutes a month, and I bought a chunk of minutes as well that don’t expire. A nice backup imo, albeit with limitations. There are other services that operate pretty much the same way. Phone numbers are of course in limited supply, so there will be a catch to any of them. I preferred to just pay the small one time fee and be done with it (But must remember to use it for at least a minute once a month).

I thought my Moto G1 was a sweet and slick upgrade in several ways to my older HTC Flyer (I managed to replace its non-changeable battery and still use it today - Still excellent with its Trig pen, and as an easy to hold device). Mainly because of its quad core processor and fairly current android OS (which is still new enough to support everything I want to use). But the Moto G5 plus I bought from Republic is like a revelation. The four gigabytes of memory means I’m never never running out of it. So recently launched apps load in the blink of an eye. Long story short, it’s just amazingly responsive, and with a beautiful screen. I was stunned by its battery life when not in active use. I can go days between recharging it when using it just as a phone. And as a phone it works very well.


I do not know if it is relevant. but I had multiple issues with my old Moto X 1st Gen until it finally bricked. One thing that could not be fixed was the fact that two services used the same antenna (Bluetooth and GPS I think) – it seems that an upgrade to the Android software increased the GPS location service checking to multiple times a second so the Bluetooth would not work correctly. It was very annoying. My Moto G5+ does not have the same issues.