Upgrading to new phone and transferring old phone data to new phone

I am thinking of upgrading my current Moto G6 to some other more recent model, or perhaps just getting another more recent model and a new phone number and plan with Republic. If I do get another phone I would like to transfer all the settings and data from my old phone that are relevant to my new phone. Is there any easy way to do so in Android ? I know that I have Backup turned on so I suppose that my settings/data are backed up somewhere in cloud storage. Can backup restore settings/data made by one phone to another different phone ? Or is there better and/or easier ways of moving my settings/data to a new phone ? My current phone is running Android 9 and a new phone I decide to buy may be running Android 10. Is that a difficulty in transferring settings from one phone to another ?

Hi @eldiener - here’s a document that might answer some of your questions.

There is also a “How To” for How to Set up a New Phone by Restoring a Backup from Your Google Account – Republic Help

Normally just restore my contacts, calendar, and photos on new phone. This gives a pretty clean install and I use the opportunity to make sure to only install the apps I really need.

Hope this helps!


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