Upgrading to new phone but how to keep old phone/account


I have a Moto G1 and I just bought a Moto 5G plus. I want to activate my new phone with a new number (3.0 plan) but I want to keep my old phone/number (1.0 plan) active for a month, or so, as I have time to notify all my friends, etc. of my new phone/number. I realize I will have to pay for two accounts/plans/numbers during this process but I do I accomplish this?


The replacement process is now done during activation. That is how you move your phone number to the new phone. This link will give you directions on how to activate as a replacement. Activate Your Phone – Republic Help

You can see a prorated charge at the time of activation because of the plan difference. You will not be charged at the time of purchase.

Finally, there is no reason to keep the plan active on the old phone for a month just for your contacts. Your contacts should transfer by placing the same Google account on the new phone that was on the old during the activation process. If there is some other reason, please let us know.


I’m not wanting to move my current phone to a new number. I’m wanting to have two phones with two plans/numbers. You are thinking of actual contacts but I’m talking about doctors, lawyers, etc. that I can’t remember everyone to notify of a new number.


Ok, thanks for the clarification. You will activate the new phone with the new phone number. The link I gave you previously will still help you with that process.

Should I assume you want to cancel the line on the 1.0 phone after the month. If so, this link will give you directions for that. How to Cancel Your Service – Republic Help


Thanks CoreyK, that is what I needed to know.


Just trying to understand the rationale for your approach. Are you relinquishing your old number just so you have overlap?

Are you unsure if you will like the 3.0 plan? or are you unwilling to give up your 1.0 plan if you end up returning to your G1?

If it is just uncertainty about liking the 3.0 plan…you can always reactivate your old G1 and go
back to using it with 2.0 Refund plan…still with the same number (if you so choose).


I wanted the option of keeping the new number or porting my old number. If the new number does not receive a lot of unwanted calls then I will keep it and close my old number/account. If I get unwanted calls then I will port my old number to my new phone. FYI, I have already activated my new phone with a new number and was able to keep my old phone/number active like I wanted. Thanks for your time.


You may want to review this


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