Upgrading two existing RW phones to 5.0 plan

I have two RW phones that I want to upgrade (or dispose of) to a new 2-line 5.0 plan, including porting their current phone numbers:

Moto G Stylus on My Choice Plan Annual Payment - I will (probably) buy the Moto G Stylus 5G directly from RW and port the G Stylus number to it. I assume some pro-rated credit will carry over from the annual payment remaining on the My Choice plan.

Moto G3 on Refund Plan Monthly Payment - I will abandon the G3 and replace it with the (now) deactivated Moto G Stylus, and port the G3’s phone number to it.

What is the best way to proceed?
Is it better to wait… until RW has Existing Customer migration tools in the Account portal?
Is it possible to begin with a 1-line Only What You Need (for $20), and then a month later change/add to make that same account/plan a 2-line Only What You Need (for $30) ?

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Hi @williams.sj6s67,

Yes. We state this in our Help Documentation.

It will be a smoother transaction if you wait, but if you’re having trouble with the G3 it may be with the extra steps not to wait.

Yes. You can add a second line on the same plan to a 5.0 account at any time.