Upgrading within the refund plans

We have Moto G 16GB 1st Gen phones on the refund .5Gb and refund 0GB plans. Are there phones that we can upgrade to and keep our refund plans? Also can the 0GB plan be upgraded to the.5Gb plan.
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There is the older 2.0 Refund Plans that are only available for those with or purchasing legacy phone. $10 talk/text, $15 GB refundable data.
The newer My Choice Plan in used for the newer unlocked phones RW sells or for BYOP phones. $15 talk/text, $5 GB non-refundable data.
Both types of plans are available with talk/text and 0GB cell data.


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You can keep the refund plan if you upgrade to a USED phone that originally qualified for that plan such as thee Moto X (1st and 2nd) gen models. All of the new phones RW supports work under the new plan.

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There are no new phones that work on the legacy Refund plan only the custom ROM Republic version of the Moto X 1st, 2nd, Moto E 1st, 2nd, Moto G 1st, and 3rd with the model numbers listed on the bottom of the supported phones list

These phones are all getting old [over 3 years since the last one was released] so they can only be found in the second hand market [eBay Swappa]

As for can you change to a 1/2 GB plan if you stay on a legacy phone the refund plans does have a 1/2 GB for $7.50 as either a one time add on or a monthly recurring


This user provided document in Tips & Tricks provides a list of Detailed Supported Phone Features
Key info is provided for all types (in your case, the model number of the Legacy phones is key when shopping as they must match)


I should have clarified that I am looked at getting a used phone, but need to know which ones to consider. Thank you for all your help


I wouldn’t look at any of them, but if you’re determined, the Moto X 2nd gen and the Moto G 3rd gen (16 GB memory) are likely to be the best of the lot. You can probably expect that the battery will need replacing in the near future. These used phones are getting hard to find (make sure you only buy the specific Republic Wireless version of the phone). I just don’t think it makes good economic sense to buy one of these older phones.


The last older phone I bought lasted 3 years. How long would I get out of a newer phone?

Hard to say most phones are designed to last about 3-4 years, if willing to risk a battery change it could last another 2-3 years [at most any legacy phone could last is till some time in 2022 when the CDMA partner is to rumored to be shutting down it’s CDMA networks to make room for it’s upcoming 5G network], it could also have other hardware issue and die 6 months after the purchase, and the phone could be damage during a battery replacement procedure [which could cost between $40-80 or more]

My opinion is the specs are getting old and we are starting to see apps not being supported on their level of OS. These phone trend to sell for about $75-$170 and a current phone like the Moto E4 would blow it away on performance [$129 and was recently on sale for $99]
About 6 months ago I retired my over 3 and 1/2 year old;d Moto X 2nd with a Moto Z2 Play which I plan on keeping for 3-4 years.

If the Sprint / T-Mobile merger goes through I wouldn’t hold my breath that T-Mobile is going to leave the CDMA network active for even that long.

Which is why I said rumored, I will also point out if the merger goes though it will not be shut down until the FCC allowed it to be

Given that every phone sold by Sprint directly since 2016 includes GSM radios, there may not be a major fight here as by the time they would do it (2020 at least?) any phone that would not have coverage would be at least 5 years old and unlikely to make the FCC radar for needing to be protected. IMNSHO The FCC is much more likely to endorse shutting down the old network to redeploy the capacity for 5G technologies rather than force support for these older devices.

If allowed the merger will not happen til next year [2019] I can see the FCC telling to keep the original plan of 2022 as it’s only three years from the merged company. I very well could be wrong, all the more reason to not be putting money into phones that will not be usable in 2-4 years out [legacy phones are over priced and will most likely have added cost of needing a replacement battery]

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