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I have been recording small segments of video on my Moto G5S phone along with many still photos. I have no problem texting or sending the photos to other electronic devices, but when it comes to sending the videos the message says the file is too large to send from my phone. Is there an application out there that could help me upload the videos to my computer, like using an mp application or something similar? Is there any easier way to do it like it is with the individual photos? Thanks—Denny

Hi @denniso.k7v6pk, what are you using to send the file? Videos will hit the limit on email and text.

If you use Google photos to back up your pictures and videos, you can view and download them to any computer. Do you use Google Photos? Do you see anything you’ve taken with your phone when you go to https://photos.google.com/? This is my preferred method.

Alternately, you can also connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable. This site has some instructions.

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Thank you for the two options. In order to backup the photos and videos to Google photo, I need to transfer them first, don’t I? In addition, I’ve tried to use a cable to download them onto my computer and it will not download once the setup has been completed. It will attempt to download, but the video doesn’t complete the job. I will try again with your instructions on the cable method because I don’t know how Google photos/videos backs up my photos/videos on the phone unless they are transferred. Is there a connection to the two phone to google photos/videos that I might not have opened? Thanks for your help.

Hi @denniso.k7v6pk, when you set up your phone, Google asks you if you want it to back up your stuff. Your images may already be backed up in Google Photos. Could you go to https://photos.google.com/ and see if your pictures are there?

If not, you can turn on Google Photos backup & sync on your phone. Please take a look at [this article] to do so (https://support.google.com/photos/answer/6193313?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en ).

Thank you, finally got the right sequence taken care of…No further questions for you.

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