Upload photo from moto g4 play

Trying to upload photos from moto g4 play to my pictures in windows 10. I plug the phone in to usb port and the message displays :“nothing detected”. I just took these photos so they are brand new to the phone and should be detected. I tried refreshing, unplugging the phone and plugging back in, exited my pictures and reinitiated , etc. Nothing seems to work.

Pull down the notification shade and change the way the phone is connected. It is most likely connected to just charge the phone.

That’s from the home screen, yes? I pull from the top and I see “Connected to WiFi”. Is this correct or should I see something more?

When you pull down the notification shade (swipe down from the top center of your phone) you should see a notification regarding the connection to that USB port. If you aren’t seeing this there might be an issue with your Windows 10 driver or with your micro USB cable. Some PCs have multiple USB circuits. It’s hard to tell from the outside which port is connected to which circuit and each has a separate driver. I’d suggest first trying some different ports and then trying a different Micro USB cable.

I have a different phone (Samsung S7) and here is what I see in my notification shade:

When I click on the USB notification this is what I see:

What you see on your phone will be somewhat different but you WILL see a USB notification and you WILL see options IF you have a good USB cable and are connected to a working USB port.

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