USB C LED problem

This isn’t exactly a RW question but I could use some help. We have two phones with RW accounts. My wife’s is a Samsung S9 purchased recently. Just for fun I bought her a “Flowing LED” USB C cable that lights up when the phone is charging. Last week it stopped lighting up. It still charges OK.
The cable lights up when I plug it in to my Moto G5+ (using an adapter).
Thank you for any wisdom you may have. I have searched all over the internet and haven’t been able to find any reference to this small problem.

Contact the cable manufacturer?

Made in China. No manufacturer name on it. I’d be very surprised if I got any help from that end. I’ll give it a try though. It was an Amazon purchase so I should have a record of which cable it was.

Amazon usually has a contact seller link on the item purchased.

Thanks! I was hoping it was just a setting on the phone or some other easy fix.

Have bought a number of these, which are all made by no-name Chinese companies, not one has lasted more than about a month. I think you’re experiencing the nearly 100% failure rate that seems to be expected of these items.

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