USB for Nexus 6P?


I’m looking to get a USB for my Nexus 6P (C-type) to download movies/podcasts onto for a flight. Any suggestions?


Are you referring to USB-OTG memory card? If so, we have this one:,loc:2 and it works great. Right now it is 50% off.

Here’s the shortened link: since the masking is messing up the original link.


USB Type C to Type A adapter
USB Type C Drive

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Type A is the standard device connection of USB 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 (Type B (a square style connection) is also supported on these but usually a device end while computer end would be with Type A) also not the Micro USB is the smaller version of type A for small Devices (ditto with the mini connector)

Type C is the new standard that is for USB 3.1 specs


This is all new to me! So i could get this adapter cord and use any old USB drive?


a Type C to Type A connector OTG adapter will allow a standard USB drive to connect to the Type C connector of the Phone which supports USB on The GO (USB OTG)

a Type C USB Drive will just connect to a type C connection (unless it supports both Type C and Type A connectors)


Thank you for clarifying! you have been most helpful :slight_smile:


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