USB Tethering on WiFi Uses Cell Data


While inside my house I get very weak or no network signal, so I use WiFi only when at home. Last night at home, I put my phone in airplane mode and then turned WiFi back on. I had moved my desktop computer to another room, which had no ethernet connection, and my computer doesn’t have a wireless adapter so I decided to use my phone as a wireless bridge. I turned on USB tethering and connected it to the computer and then watched some videos on youtube. My phone starting giving me alerts: first 50% cell data used, then 95% used, then no cell data left. I don’t understand. Cellular was turned off: in the pull down menu it showed no service, and at the top right of the screen it showed a signal strength for wifi, no indicator for network signal strength, and the airplane symbol. In the Republic Wireless app it shows 512MB used (Jul 4 - Aug 3) with tethering data at 286.9 MB. In the data usage section of settings, it shows data usage at 175MB (Jul 7 - Aug 6). Why did using data over wifi through usb tethering use up my cell data?



Hi @hansg!

Yes, unfortunately, that is a known bug that will not be fixed. That feature is broken and Republic does not recommend using it. You can read @seanr 's responses here . Please login and open a help ticket here to rectify the situation! Sorry about that!


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