USB transfer cable for Motorola Z Play?


Is the Motorola Z Play phone suppose to come with a USB cable to connect to a computer to transfer photos and files?


No it comes with a one piece Turbo charger

Moto Z Play | Republic Wireless


  • Moto Z Play Edition
  • Motorola 15W 1 piece Turbocharge™ Wall Charger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Moto Style Shell



I take from your question the charger in the box is hardwired to the cable? Any USB charge/sync cable should work as long as it’s the new style type C. Amazon has plenty to choose from. moto z sync cable

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just for information this is basically the charger that comes with the Moto Phones with type C USB connections

here the charge they are sending with the Moto X Pure (USB Micro)

here the Original Turbo charger (with separate USB cable)