Use an old Republic phone on another carrier?

Has anyone successfully done this? If so, anything special involved? Specifically, I still have my Defty XT. Shame to continue letting it sit there as a paper weight. I have another line on a carrier that uses the Sprint system and was wondering…it would be nice to replace that old Rumor 260, slider, remember those? If this has already been addressed / asked, I was not able to find an answer in the community.

Hi @hm,

I’m afraid it likely can’t be done. Your Republic DEFY XT uses a modified version of an old Android operating system. Those modifications were needed to make the DEFY work with Republic’s hybrid WiFi/cell service. Those modifications also rendered it incompatible with any other service provider’s network. As Republic is no longer able to activate the DEFY, it is essentially a mini WiFi tablet.

Thanks for the answer. I’d like to push this a bit further. I’m not a phone techie. I do understand it’s an old(er) OS modified to work the Republic way, but there was that “don’t root ur phone and make it a brick” deal. I always assumed rooting the phone destroyed the “work the Republic way” part of the OS, and the hardware part of the phone is the same as any other Defy make to work on CDMA systems. So I though maybe, some phone “techie” out there had played around with a Defy and got it to work not the Republic way. As is is now, it’s not even a good brick :slight_smile: Sad to think of all the Defy phones Republic sold that are now, essentially useless.

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