Use any messaging app?


I love republic wireless, however I have one problem that appears frequently. I am not able to use any messenger apps as default besides the one from Google. I am not able to use other messaging apps.

I really don’t understand why this is the case for RW, and I would absolutely love for RW to add the option to.use whichever messaging app my heart desires.


Hello @Dallin.P
Republic is different from other providers as Republic is a Hybrid WiFi 1st VoIP with cell backup
The reason all texting apps don’t work is they use the old default APIs that assume the only way to text was though the cell text channel. Some apps have updated to the new System APIs [introduce by Google as an option in Android 6.0+] that allows for texting over any data channel [ IP base texting] it’s this that allows Republic to send text over WiFi. Here’s a blog that has some texting apps that have been test by customers to be working on Republic


Hi @Dallin.P

In addition to @drm186 post, thanks to @SpeedingCheetah in an old post I found and use Pulse for my texting app. It works great AND has the widget (which Google got rid of in their Messages app grrr!) I also turned off the nag notification in the RW app for not using a “compatible” messenger. :wink:


Good to know, thanks!


This makes sense. So essentially, I can use whatever app I want as long as it includes IP base texting. Cool.


Yes any texting app using the ”System” APIs should work [vs the older default API which is not compatible with Republic]