Use hotspot function in phone to get wifi signal?

I think I know the answer to this, but I thought I’d ask:
I find many times that my phone is able to latch onto public wifi signals better than my laptop. If I activate the hotspot function on my phone in these instances, I don’t suppose I can simply channel the wifi signal instead of using my precious data?

No. Wifi hotpsot feature makes your LTE mobile data connection shareable via the phone created wifi network.

You can not use it as a repeater or bridge for another wifi network in that fashion.

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Hi @johng.6r5jad,

If you activate the hotspot function on the phone, the phone will disable reception of the Wi-Fi signal, so that will prevent what you are trying to accomplish.

Just in case you search around and find this, though I want to warn you against the practice of “reverse tethering.” Reverse tethering does allow you to accomplish what you’ve described - using the phone as the Wi-Fi receiver to provide network access to your computer, when connected by a USB cable. However, due to an issue in Android, when you use the phone in this manner, the Wi-Fi data you use on the computer via the phone will actually count against your cellular data use on your Republic Wireless plan.

For a long-term solution, you would probably be better served to find a decent external Wi-Fi adapter for your computer.

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Thanks all – that was the answer I suspected, but good to have it confirmed. If anyone knows of a decent wifi adapter for the Macbook Pro, I’d be glad to hear about it.

The answers that you’ve been given may only be partially true. Most Samsung phones (including the S8 and Note 9) DO allow wifi sharing in their hotspot settings. Specifically, if your phone does, under the Hotspot settings you’ll see “Wi-Fi Sharing: Share the Intenet from a Wi-Fi network instead of mobile data” under the Hotspot settings. Now, that being said, I have NOT had the chance to try it on my Republic device to determine whether it suffers the same reverse tethering issue that @southpaw describes above.


It’s off-topic for a Community forum focused on Republic phones and service, however, I’m a long-time Mac user. Generally, the embedded WiFi chipsets in Macs work quite well. How old is the MacBook Pro in question and have you noticed any pattern to its lack of robustness in connecting to available WiFi networks your phone does connect to? Have you considered inquiring with Apple to see if there’s something that might be done on the computer?

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